I have my normal all day headaches however since Sunday my headache has been different. I still have the constant but a frequent at least every hour or more I will get a short and painful stabbing in my head that last for anywhere up to 5 minutes. Tylenol does nothing for it. Fioricet does knock it down but doesn't take it away. Should I bother my neurosurgeon or wait for my appt with my neurologist (June 3rd)?

Please let me know what you think.


Hi Vj,

Funny, my next appointment with newest doctor, the Neuro-Opthomologist is June 3rd as well and my question is identical to yours. Last week I had my first cerebral angiogram for a 3 mm aneurysm near bone matter and the surgeon wants to wait. My Neurologist appointment isn't until the end of August and no one is addressing my loss of vision and extreme headaches and these stabbing pains all over my head. While I was sitting in the hospital bed I said "heck with this" and called another Doctor's office and booked a referral with a Neuro-Opthomologist to get to the bottom of this. I would call as I understand how extreme the pain can be.

Hi VJ...this is always a tough one...it could be from the procedure...for instance, I never experienced migraines until coiled...but I remember the one that took me to ER...it was nothing I ever experienced...however, even though we all share brain aneurysm's, we do not share the same experiences...if you have any doubts, go to ER immediately and seek medical attention...if it is nothing they will give you something to get rid of the headaches...remember it is always "better to be safe then sorry"....Keep us posted...worried about you ~ Colleen