Headaches started and now appear daily

I am not sure if this is standard or not. I had surgical clipping (unruputured aneurysm) in April, had an occassional headache after recovery. Now it seems that I am having daily headaches. Thought it was allergies but today I noticed that they get worse with stress. Any insight?

Hi Margaret,
Yes,stress will cause you to have headaches. Even though you are 5 months post surgery, your brain is still healing. It is trying to tell you to rest, take it easy. I am going to tell you the same thing I have told many people over the years (I am 12 years post clipping but things still seem to stay the same!). Take it slow. People can no longer see a scar so they think you are healed… your brain is not. It needs more time. Please go to the website www.brain-strong.org and read the “Letter From Your Brain”. It is posted on the left side of the webite. It helped me, and so many people, to understand why I needed to rest the brain when I could. I don’t know if you work outside the home or within, don’t be surprised if you can’t function at the same level right now as before your surgery. Your brain saw oxygen! Not a normal thing! Take it slow & let me know how you are doing!

Thanks for the reply and the link. It is helpful and I think you may be correct. I have had constant activity since surgery including moving home and business, moving elderly father in law in with us, resuming leadership in 2 organizations and more. This is on top of working for our own small business full time. Too much with no break or downtime, I know I need to back off some stuff, but that is not an easy thing to do. Thanks for the info.

I suffer from daily headaches that last all day and I am seeing a pain specialist to mask the headaches. Its caused by scare tissue going over nerves on the brain that cause headaches. they are treating me but its kind of a clinical trial every time I go to him they lift the medication's or change them. what do they put you on for medications? Right now I take 20 mg 5 times a day of Hydrocodone and 150 mg of Lyrica but it still don't take them away fully. Someone sent me a message saying 30 mg of hydrocodone and 30 of Percocet? I have heard the combination of hydrocodone and Percocet's works well with them?

Hi Margaret. thought my info might be of some help. Pre-op I had no headaches. 10-11-2011 Post-op clipping headaches started but mine turned into 24/7 migraines, for almost 4 months. Fiorcet and verapamil were finally given to me but the Fiorcet did nothing and the Verapamil took 1 month approx to kick in. I depend on the verapamil. Not sure why but it works for me. Has something to do with the pressure from the heart pumping if i remember right. Maybe someone can be more informative about the pro's of that med. I have no heart problems so not sure why its working. Let me know how you make out with whatever works for you. I am always open to hearing and learning how all of us cope. Jeanne

Hi Margaret,

It doesn't seem "standard" to me, (at least not with a clipped aneurysm from April), so maybe its not related ?? I would really want to be sure though, and really you've nothing to lose by calling the Neuro on this. Better safe then sorry, right? Take care, Janet