Headaches and Computers

I am always grateful to have the support of this website and your support group. I am not able to spend as much time on it however as it causes great discomfort to my head/brain. I am one year post surgical clipping as well as a fractured C2. My question is does anyone have such a feeling a pressure on the brain while being on the computer and are there any suggestions to coping with that. I’m afraid my occupation mostly consists of computer work and it has been extremely difficult this past year at work. I know I went back to work to soon and I regret it now but my family needs my income. I am also wondering if I need to change occupations as it doesn’t seem to be getting better. I was also blessed with a grandson 1 month after my surgery and as much of a joy it has been, it has been another difficult obstacle in the help I can give my daughter. At this point I am getting so frustrated with not having the same quality of life. Also frustrating is that people really don’t, and never will, understand. Even from my husband who says, but I look fine, or so and so had the surgery and they are doing fine now…it breaks my heart that I cant make them understand. As I’ve read other people stories it helps to be acknowledged if only on this wonderful support group. I’ve read alot of good suggestions this morning on diet and hydration, but my head only allows so much computer time. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks to all who share!

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Any length of extended time will give me a headache and it dries my eyes out. I use Systane often during the day, lower the back light on your screen. I think there’s a cover you can out on the monitor that’s also supposed to help. You’ll have to research it unless somebody knows what it’s called.


Hey Deb,
For some people the light source produced by the monitor can have an awful effect. I have a very good friend who has big issues with the spectrum of light. It starts with dry irritated eyes for her, but then progresses to what she calls a headache from hell. Her optician prescribed her a specific coloured lens. Now she’s long-sighted and needs prescription glasses any way, so for her it’s a simple tint on her lenses.

But there are glasses available which block blue light emitted from monitors, which can often be the offending colours.
Here’s a link https://www.theraspecs.com/computer-glasses/
She tells me hers are specific to her needs and you may need to see an optician/ophthalmologist to determine which exact colour could be the offender for you.

Also, your computer monitor has what is known as a refresh rate. It’s the number of times your screen updates itself. For example, a 60 Hz refresh rate means the display updates 60 times per second, so we may not see it flash, but our eyes do.
This refresh rate can be altered and here’s a link to explain how:

OK, so those can be a couple of variables that can be managed but I find that I can only be in front of the monitor for a period of time no matter what. Too long and I know I’ll pay for it. For me it’s another one of those things I just have too manage, just like noise, just like exertion, just like sunlight. Too much and I have “…a headache from hell…”. Just another one of those things I have to learn to pace.

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Thank you all so much for that information I will certainly research it! Thanks you for your support group!