Head wound won't heal, delaying second aneurysm surgery - suggestions on next steps?


My mom had a burst aneurysm in oct 2009 and survived. she developed a head wound near the shunt. She has a second brain aneurysm tha tneeds to be removed. However, until the head wound heals - they can't do the procedure do to the ct scan.

She has had numerous skin grafts, drilling in the bone to increase blood flow, used a special material for the graft, tried the oxygen chamber - and no luck.

They can do one more radical surgery that involves cutting artery from arm and attaching to head (provides the blood flow) - but it's a risky surgery - 12 hrs - 2 surgical teams and no guarentee it will work. Based on the lack of success from the other procedures I don't know that I want to put her through that.

I am at a loss as to where to turn to next?

I've been researching online and lack of healing could be diabetes (she is borderline) or autoimmune issues (she is prone to get staph).

We have to control her blood pressure to keep the other aneurysm from popping. Her diet isn't the best and she won't exercise (and is overweight). She has mild headaces and dizzy spells from time to time. She does get around without a walker, but has very limited short term/long term memory.

Anyone have suggestions? Has anyone had this problem and gotten it resolved? We live in Illinois and have seen doctors in central illinois. Should we go to St. Louis/Chicago/Mayo. any doctor recommendations??..

thanks for reading this and maybe someone can give us some new directions. May God continue to bless all those impacted by this.


Tammy. many prayers for the right inforation, answers, from the doctors... and more input from others here..

How did your mother develop a head wound near the shunt; i.e. did she fall or? Was the shunt put in during the initial treatment or later?

Re: weight, BP, autoimmune; did she have these before or since treatment(s) and has she had full autoimmune testing?

I wonder if your mother is uncomfortable, afraid of exercising due to dizziness (balance issues)?

Prayers for your mother and all her family...


Hi Tammy,

I'm so sorry to read of your mom's troubles. It's hard to know whether the risks of the "radical surgery" outweigh the benefits of having a second aneurysm surgery especially considering the problem she has had with the wound and her other health issues.

If you have the option, I would encourage you to take your mom to the Mayo Clinic.

May God bless you both.

Take care.


I have no answers Tammy...but I can pray...here goes for You and mom...~ God Bless...~ Colleen