Head pain on the left side!

Hi everyone it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I had a pipeline stent put in behind my right eye, to fix an Annie. That was 18 months ago. Before Drs found my Annie I was experience severe head pain only on the right of my head… That’s way I went to see a Nerologist. 18months later I’m experience similar head pain on the left side… I told my Nero and asked if I should have a MRI to rule out another Annie… In so many words he told me I was a hypochondriac … I’m not sure what to do but I’m scared it could be another Annie… any Suggestions? Thanks Tansy

Hi Tansy,

I would politely dismiss this Doctor with some very direct words and stern eyeballs. Just me. Good luck finding a new Neurologist.


Hi Tansy, and good to see you!

Personally...I know what I would do...I'd find another Neuro who would listen to me, and considering you've had one annie and you say the pain is similar to what you've experienced before, then yeah I would make sure I got an angiogram with contrast or at the very least an MRA done to rule it out (as we all know lightning can strike twice!) Peace, Janet

Yes and good to see you Tansy ... but sorry about the pain...I believe you need to find a new neurologist and/or go back to Neurosurgeon and request a check up...~ I know it is so awful when told our symptoms are not real...but after you are done feeling bad (I know this feeling...)...go out and be the best advocate for you...think of it this way...if this was me...going through this Tansy...what would you tell me to do...~

Wishing you the best...keep us posted ~ Colleen

Thanks guys it helps to hear your feedback… I feel so discourage!!

Tansy don't be discouraged. The neurologist has not been through what you have been through so he is absolutely clueless. I have said over and over again if you haven't lived it you don't know it. Find a new neurologist which by the way I have little faith in them. I am 10 months since a PED behind my left eye and still have eye pain, head pain and face pain. I also get pain on the right side of my head occasionally. Hopefully it is just nerve pain as they have told me.


Hello friends, I had a MRA/MRI done last week and my actually neurosurgery was able to look at it. He said it all looked great. I’m still having the strange head pain on the left side… I know this sounds crazy but do u think he could have missed it? I’m sorry this is talking from a survivor who is scared to death I’ll have another aneurysm!!! Thanks for listening:)

No I don't think he missed anything. I think they don't know enough about the PED to predict what will or will not happen as far as pain. I still have pain on the left side where the Aneurysm was and on the right side. No explanation for it but I still have it.

I myself have pains on the other side of my annie (pipeline and coils) My angiogram showed everything looks good and he didn't see any others. So I also agree with Lucy that it can be nerve pain. Hopefully that is all it is. Good Luck to you. God bless , Deb

I had 2 clipped sept 20 and i started feeling lately like i have another that’s gonna kill me - I hate this feeling - i have so much anxiety i can’t stand it

I had my pipeline stent put in 16 months ago. The pain in the area (left side of head and behind left eye)stopped after about 6 months but ever since I have had pains on the right side of my head. Sometimes- about once a month for a few days these are a migraine but I also have other pain which is behind my right eye and towards the front of the right side of my head. Recently I have found that I get severe pain on that side when I am lying down. I have taken to sleeping propped up which relieves it. I have appointment with neurologist next month and will discuss it then but I am convinced she will say its all 'normal' following surgery. They just don't know enough to be able to say what is going on.

Try to be reassured that you have had the scan and everything looks normal and then try to look at possible triggers. Mine is worse when I lie down, have been exerting myself-following gym sessions and when I am very tired. So I accept that I will have it and work around it.

Love Jen x

Does sound similar. It’s been 3 weeks since the headache started. The last few days have been the worse.I’m trying to reassure myself that the scan was normal but the pain scares me. And medications do not help. It just sucks no matter how u look at it:/

Hi Jennifer, I also had the pipeline and coils about 7 months ago. I also will get pains when I am laying down or sleeping. It is not all the time. I did mention it to my doctor and have had a angiogram since then and everything looked okay. But it does happen every so often and gets better when I get up. I also got no answers for it. I Just think its because the pipeline is so new and they are still learning about it. Interesting to hear you have the same thing. Deb

Has anyone had a stent applied over an existing coil? I am scheduled to have a stent put in over a coil from my ruptured brain aneurysm from back in 4/2000 and a additional aneurysm that has formed.