Head Falling Asleep?

Ok this sounds weird but does anybody else every get the feeling that part of your head has fallen asleep? For me its always in the same spot where I get my migrains, top front left side of.my head. Am I alone in this?

Wow! What you described sounds like what I call 'brain burn.' I've never known anyone else to experience, understand or believe what I was experiencing. I have never stopped to notice if they were in the same location and I don't get them as often as I had in the past. Actually, I think after my last coiling that I've gotten less of them. Since it never causes any other symptoms other than the 'brain burn' I just ignore them and go on about my day. I'm sure my husband has his doubts of my sanity and imagination, but I have gotten brain burn for years! I never worry about them as they can't be reproduced on command - I've never even complained to a doctor about them. I have also not paid attention to notice if they are related to the migraine auras. Now you have me concerned that it's some sort of lack of blood flow in the brain at the time the brain burn is occurring. Oh well, maybe it's a sign I need to get up, get moving and get some circulation going in the head! Thanks for your question!

OMG! That totally happens to me!! I’ve always ignored it, since I didn’t even know how to explain it, it’s also accompanied by a cold feeling along with the numbness… It has happened even before my aneurysm ruptured and I still get it once in a while, I wonder if I should tell my Dr??? Do you know what this is?

Hey Bernadette!!! Very long story short. 1st rupture 1988. Also another craniotomy to repair 2 more. Horrible recovery, vasospasms, comas, scored below average on IQ test (at the age of 25), was well educated before,,,, good career as corporate paralegal. My physical/cognitive struggles have plagged me since 1988... cuz guess what 2004 2 more (2 years apart) was diagnosed with yep, 2 more... inoperable at that time... continued on (quit running, ran in High school, college, after college did 10 k's and half marathons....trumped it up to marathons'... first one in quebec city.. beautiful wonderful... few years later.. weird physical symptoms... plus excurciating (sp?) headaches... body changes,,,, dibilitating headaches.... finally, "SUB primary" asks me "who is your neurologist".. my reply.. "don't have one.. my last and only trustworthy one ... married a neurosurgeon... and moved and maybe works a day a week... a very long way away. WELL, THIS "sub" PCP.. took it upon herself to make me an immediate appt. like 3 days... so, i went... HE thank God scheduled an ANGIO (no mri- 4 clips from 1988), So I took off work , did it. Bummer friends. Found #6 on basilar apex. Crap ola man.. not only #4 #5 but now #6/////really not a good place and only being NEW (5 years since #5, 7 years since #4 were found. Not feeling too good about #6 though... I had had horrindous headaches, water weight gain, super duper high blood pressure..... all round shi_____ttty physical feelings.
Thought it was stress from a very high stress job. NOPE, not the job. lost my job, although, my pcp's wrote all they could write to keep me from the office.... primarily based on my uncontrollable high blood pressure.... (no joke ... 180 over 150 was NOT UNCOMMON) with meds. As this thing was growing ... there was NO REGULATION of my blood pressure, water weight gain ( i was always my life (honest) a six 6 or less (older years, six younger, six four) SWEAR. BAM within 6 months... size 12. No explanation... all the blood work in the world was done... with 2 PCP's NO Answers.. which of course was.... angiogram... aneurysm on the basilar apex .. the brand new big daddy.... Wow yep that one ruptured (coiled in 2011) hopefully lots of coils... #4 and #5 Pipelined in June of 2013... angio in JUne 2014 showed All are occluded, smiltch, gone, bye, bye si-a -nora Thanks to MY NY NEURO's and the GRACE OF GOD.... Wow, i certainly got off on a tangent... sorry :? MY head.. LEft side and right side since 1988.... FALLS ASLEEP... inside and outside... NUMB feeling really bad from 1988 for about 15 years... YUK.... Not as bad... now... endovascular surgeries(my last three) are significantly different than the craniotomies.. Sorry if I can't spell... should know this by now... any hoo... OH YES PARTS OF HEAD FALLEN ASLEEP... YES YES YES... SAME SPOTS AS MIGRAINES... which are to this day pretty much daily!!!!!! some migraines are less than others... I'm not ashamed to say that I take pain medication for mine... I want to live a normal life.... without ADDERALL ( to wake up this damaged brain)_ and Hydrocoden for my pain.... and many other stomach stuff for the vp shunt draining CSF fluid from my brain to my stomach.... (gosh, down to 3 med;'s for that).... I wouldn't have a chance in life. Don't be shy of controlled, physician administered, medications to have a normal life.... they see your records, there is no question... It's ALL necessary, approved because of proof of issues!!!! God bless you all.. I went off on a tangent... sp? Anyway, I did.... Yes my head, right side left side where I had the craniotomies definatley is NUMB (since 1988) most of the time. But, it did get alot better from that time.