Having my PED surgery on the 17th

I’m really nervous. I think what I fear most is that because this procedure is fairly new I don’t know what to expect 10 years down the line. Due to the size and location of my aneurysm (it’s facing downward under my carotid artery), I do feel this is the best option.

I think most of us understand your anxiety. I had a PED in may 2012, and because of the size and large mouth of the annie the PED was really the only option. The procedure was no problem, and the first several weeks I did take it easy. It really felt good and would try to do too much. Your brain will let you know when you should slow down. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted on your recovery after the procedure

Thank you!

Hi Kenya and welcome to the PED Group!

I had my PED on June 8, 2011, and am now 14 months since my surgery! I feel just as normal as I did before the PED. Absolutely no different! I pray that in 10 years, I will feel absolutely the same way!

Hope this helps, and please know that your fear is so normal! Before you know it, you'll be like me one year out and counting!!

Best wishes,


All the best to you. My PED was inserted in April 2012 and I just had an angiogram this week that showed the aneurysm had completely shrunk. A new device in the hands of an experienced and trusted physician is really no problem. Good luck.

Hi Kenya,
I had ped surgery May 2012. They surgery was pretty easy. Tired for a few eeeks after, but feel good now! PEDwas my only option also. Just take it easy and REST. Listen to your body! Will pray for a smooth and relaxing recovery!


I hope all is well with you! Praying for a speedy recovery. Please keep us updated. I had my PED on 8/2/12 and I am home recovering. I am doing great and I pray you have the same results.