Having a bad hair day

My hair that is regrowing is now sticking straight up. No matter what I do, it won't stay down. Since that is the worst that is happening today, I am pretty damn lucky.


My hair grew back curly...so now I have 1 curly side and 1 straight side - makes me smile everyday :)

Hi Terri...I am sure when it gets longer it will lay straight...~ Colleen

i get a number 2. it all has to stand up. a bit like a three day growth

Mine also is curly on the side my shunt is placed. Other side is straight!

I had a bad hair day when was done with my chemo and lost all my hair. I have tried for many therapies to regrow my hair but none of the treatments help with good hair. I am now using human hair extensions to fight with hair loss and bad hair days.

I told everyone I was channelling my inner Rod Stewart when my hair was growing out. The top part of my head had been shaved so a shunt could be put in after coiling my 2 aneurysms. Just embrace your inner " rocker chick" it will get better