Has anyone survived 2 ruptures from the same aneurysm?

Im afraid my big aneurysm that has been treated twice is going to have a second rupture.

That’s terrifying. What makes you think that? What do your doctors say about it?

I had some work done on my aneurysm in 2008 to prevent another rupture, its located on the basilaris tip and has to endure all the pressure from the bloodflow at every hartbeat. sometimes i can feel the beats inside my head.

Here is a picture of another, just like mine.


Have you talked to the doctors about it? Maybe they can reassure you. I’m sorry you have to live in such fear :frowning:

They hoped the last fix with more coils and a stent in front bent into the right wessel on the picture would divert the bloodflow to put some stress from the growing aneurysm. So far so good! l live to see the day, thats for sure.

Next checkup in may 2011 and had 3 checkups since may 2008. Im sure they know what they are doing. My last surgery was the last chance i had they told, until technology moves forward to new prosedures.

Just call me bubbleboy!

Jen Rigg said:

Have you talked to the doctors about it? Maybe they can reassure you. I’m sorry you have to live in such fear :frowning:

Yes I had a rupture and was found on the side of the road by UPS. I was in a comma. Anyway a year went by and I was going in and begging for spinals to take my headache away. It will last only a day or so and it came right back. They sent me in for another scan and found that the base grew or just got larger and was leaking. I went in and they packed it some more. I am still here but still have the same headache and eye pain and dizzy and get a very sick feeling in my gut and it has been a year from my last surgery.

Hi, I read some of your posts and was very moved, I see they were from a couple of years ago and I wondered how you are doing now. My rupture was 18 months ago and I still cannot drive or return to work, and have problems with my eyes, ears and right hand - but one good thing, BEFORE the rupture I had bad migraines since adolescence (I am 63 now) and had daily headaches for weeks after the rupture, but gradually these eased off and I no longer get migraines, just the occasional headache like anybody else - presumably it was the aneurysm that was causing them before it ruptured!

The worst thing has been the post-traumatic depression, but I have a good psychotherapist who talks to me for free in return for my husband looking after his website, which is lucky because without my earnings we are pretty broke. We are British but live in Spain and do not qualify for sick benefit or free prescriptions over here.

I don't know why I am telling you all this except that you sounded so sad and I wanted to send you some love and blessings and remind you that you are not alone, and wondering if things are somewhat better for you now. Sally

I had a coil for ruptured annie in Oct 2007. Angiogram on July 13 2012 results revealed another annie grew outside the clip of the ruptured annie. Pipeline stent sch for Aug 2

can you consider clipping?