Has anyone had cold laser therapy for migraines safe in people post clipping of anuerysms

Hi has anyone who has had cerebral aneurysms had a therapy called cold laser therapy used for migraines and back / neck pain.

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I haven't heard about this and I try to keep up with the latest migraine treatments on behalf of my wife who also has post clipping migraines. My first question is what area would they target for the migraines? It is my position that Doctor's do not know what is causing migraines in post clipping procedures. This position is derived after meeting and discussing migraine trigger symptoms and treatments with Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, and Headache Speciality Centers on the East Coast. None have even discussed such a subject being available within the U.S., nor have any of the leading headache publications mentioned it.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is listing this therapy as experimental. Search Cold Laser Therapy at the website of the American Cancer Society which discusses this further.

Can you elaborate more about this and any claims made by the Doctor offering it?


Hi Ed,

this therapy is available in australia which is where I live, I saw it advertised on tv it is by a clinic called your healthy GP they have a clinic is adelaide, melbourne and sydney the gp who owns the clinics is called Dr Mark Rogers, I am not sure how exactly it works but think it has an anti inflamatory effect, I am considering this as a treatment option as long as it will do me no harm . I was interested to see if anyone else had undergone this type of treatment.

Thanks Ed

i am probably going to try this therapy out, i found the information about it on a tv show and on the iternet under yourhealthygp the dr is called dr mark rogers and he has a clinic in sydney melbourne and adelaide australia. not sure exactly how the therapy works but think it is an anti inflamatory process.

I am familar with laser technologies with exception of it's use in medical treatments. Let me list one concern I would have if my wife was contemplating such a treatment. Laser light is a extremely intense beam of light or photons that essentially have destructive power such as use on skin, dental, or surgery. Without a precise target for the beam the risk for my wife would be the triggering of another intense migraine. Why would this happen? Simply because photons have electromagnetic fields and we have proven over and over again that these fields interact with the metals inserted in her skull through surgery. Will this happen in you? It depends on what hardware was installed via your surgery (older hardware pre-2000 has a higher likelihood because of the metal composition) newer equipment over the last few years has a lower risk, again because the metal composition was changed and interacts differently with electromagnetic fields.

If you go ahead with this treatment ask lots of questions. There is a lot of what we in the U.S. call "snake oil" out there so don't let someone string you along. Let us know how this works for you so we can pass that information on to our Doctors.

Hi Ed

i have just had another look at the website for your healthy gp and it says that migraine is often the result of refered nerve pain often the result of long standing chronic injury at the base of your skull. I will contact the clinic in adelaide and find out more infor

Dear Ed and others who may have read my query which was over a year ago. I went ahead and tried the cold laser therapy and it didn't work for me, of note now when i get a migraine it starts in my neck and progresses to usually the right side of my face and eye area. I don't know why this is and no one seems to be able to tell me. My next option is to try Botox which i must say i am nervous about but as i have tried most of the medications available not sure what other options there are. I had a ct of my brain and it looks like i don't have any new aneurysms which is great news.

Hi All i had the cold laser therapy last year and am sad to report that for me it did not work, infact since i now get migraines that start in my neck and then progress to one side of my face usually the right side nasal sinus eye area. I am not sure why this is as i was told by the dr from the cold laser clinic that it was a safe treatment for me with my hx. I am not sure what to do now as i get migraines every 10 days and they are shocking. Someone suggested botox which i am not sure about but am interested in others thoughts and experiences with this tx.


Thank you for the update. Sorry this hasn't worked for you. As I indicated earlier, I am suspicious about how many of these technologies work especially when it is used distal from the prone site. I am still of the opinion that much of the headaches and migraines implant patients suffer from are due to the metal used in the implants. It is a complex issue. My wife decided to reserve Botox as a last resort because we are having encouraging results with EEG Neurofeedback. We have gotten my wife's migraine attack duration down from three days to less then one day and this was all due to the EEG Neurofeedback. The frequency of the attacks remains the same but she also has another 25 sessions to go in this latest treatment phase.

If anyone wants to investigate this alternative treatment I would recommend visiting the ISNR.org or aboutneurofeedback.com to learn more. This type of treatment is non-invasive and actually allows the brain to retrain itself by recognizing the new implants as not dangerous to the brain (I'm greatly simplyfing it here). It is provided by PhD level psychologists who are certified clinicians.

Christine ~ I started Botox treatments in July of this year. I have had 2 treatments now as they are done every 3 months. It has been a godsend for me. I would love to say that I never get headaches, but that would be a lie. But, I do not get any headaches that I need to take any medication for. I get the periodic headache of nerves in my head healing from my surgery, but I have not had to take medication for headaches since around the middle of August. I highly recommend it and hope that it works for anyone else that gives this treatment a try. Another beauty of it is that it doesn't cause any reactions to other medications and no side effects.

~ Carol

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