Has anyone had a permanent balloon occlusion?


What happens to the aneurysm after my artery is blocked? Does it just shrink down? Has anyone had this particular procedure done? I will be on 48 hour stroke watch after. That sure does have me terrified!

Started the plavix on Dec. 9 to get ready.

Wish me luck!

xoxoxo from Shelley

Shelly-am sending thoughts and prayers your way for your upcoming surgery. I had the Pipeline stent put in and it was explained to me that it works to divert the blood flow away from the annie, and eventually it would shrivel up, shrink up, whatever...and, hopefully, disappear. Not sure what you're having done.....but wish you the best of luck and health. Please remember to keep us posted as we all will be thinking of you!


Coiling is suppose to do the same as Cece explained with pipeline...

You got it Shelly...lots of prayers...Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen

Prayers and good thoughts directed your way.....D

I would be terrified too. What is the Plavix for?

Plavix is a pretty common blood thinner prescribed before/after most of our Annie surgeries- as it helps thin the blood it works to prevent clots and therefore strokes- hopefully alleviating a little of the terror. And although terror is normal try to relax a little;) many prayers!

Wow! thanks for all the positive feedback. It really makes me feel better.

Since the stent did not work for me, my dr is going to do the permanent balloon occlusion. I am not a candidate for coiling or clipping. It is when the artery that feeds the aneurysm is blocked off. I had the test to see if I could handle this and passed with flying colors. It was 30 minutes of a temporary blockage. They do it by going through the femoral artery, so no surgery.

Dec. 20th is my date with destiny!

I am very lucky to have both my daughter and son-in-law and my son and his darling girlfriend taking care of me for the two weeks after when I can't be left alone. That makes my heart calmer. They are threatening to put up a Christmas tree, something that exhausts me to even think of!

It was on this site that I learned that the tiredness is completely normal. Thanks, again to all of you!!!!



keeping you in my payers...your gonna be great....God bless

Hi Shelley,

Can you give us an update? Hope you are fully recovered by now.