Has anyone had a bypass done and it not work?

I have told my story but have not started a discussion and I was wondering if any of you have ever had a bypass surgery done and it not work? I had a bypass surgery done on Aug. 30th 2010 and it didn’t work, The doctor was hoping that it would supply enough blood so that they could coil the “Annie” but it didn’t so I am due to go back and have another surgery on Jan. 7,2011. This time the doctor will take a vessel out of my arm and re-open the incision on my scalp along with cutting my neck and going in that way and put the vessel in around the “Annie” so he can clip or coil it. The last time they tried to coil it in the angiogram they lost me…I was unresponsive and said I had a light stroke, so they had to stop. Now the doctor will do the coiling or clipping once I am uder for the operation, I am so scared that I will not come out of it normal (or if I am even normal now since the last one) because so much has changed in my life I don’t feel normal. I have trouble seeing out of one eye and can’t read for long or do much of anything for any period of time. I have been off work since Aug. 20th and not due to go back until 8 weeks after the surgery in Jan. I can not drive due to being on dilantin, and I am always so worried about the upcoming surgery and afraid of so much, I know I shouldn’t be but I am. If you have ever had this operation done could you please send me some feedback as to how yours went. Thanks so much. By the way my “Annie” was caught because I went to the hospital after having a headache for 4 days that would not go away no matter what I did, and the doctor sent me to a larger hospital in another town for immediate surgery but once I got there the “Annie” was so different from the typical aneurysm that they had to study it for a week to see what was the best solution. Not sure where it is located or what size it is. There is a picture of my aneurysm from the angiogram, the doctor sent it to my cell phone for me. I would really like to hear your story. Thanks!