Hard lump at craniotomy site

I am seven years post craniotomy. I had my plate and screws removed six years ago. Within the past few days I have noticed a hard lump near the surgery site. It has grown in size. Have any of you experienced this? I have tried to research it but have come up empty-handed.
Thank you.

ekbeau, I couldn’t find anything either, it’s so frustrating! I haven’t had a craniotomy and am at a loss to make any suggestion other than touch base with a doctor. Perhaps a scan is in order. I hope our members who’ve had a craniotomy will have some better knowledge!

Please keep us updated in whatever you find out

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I’m two years post craniotomy.
I’m sorry I don’t have a lump . I’d definitely recommend checking it out. Possibly scar tissue or maybe infection?

My screws have become more prominent in last few months.
Worried to be hit in the head by a ball or something and it cause damage/pain etc.
I’m curious as to why did you have yours removed? And did it help?
Was your crainiotomy due to bleed or did you preventively have a clipping?
Hope your otherwise doing well.

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