Happy days

It has been over a month now since my mother came home from rehabilitation center. We can`t believe how well she is doing. This weekend she was dancing with my father. We all cried when we saw them. If someone told me this six months ago when this happened I would never believe it. It is still hard to communicate because she has Wernicke`s aphasia but somehow we got used to it, if we don`t understand what she wants she shows us with her hands. She also understands us a lot better now. She is gaining more and more every day; she is so persistent, exercising every day, doing her math and writing. Human brain is really amazing. This terrible thing that happened to us gave me and my family a new perspective on life. We were very connected before it happened but now we appreciate each day we get to spend with each other. I was lucky to have found this site when we needed comfort and positive energy. Thank all of you for that. Reading your stories gave us hope that somehow she can make it ok. And she did:) Now we just cross our fingers everything will be fine on her check up…

What delightful news, wacky! I'm so pleased. Thank you for sharing. :)

That is wonderful! ! Thank you for updating all of us. Prayers for your family. :slight_smile:

We understand you joy. Time to celebrate! And be thankful!

Oh very exciting! Congratulations to your Mom and your family!

What a marvellous, uplifting message! May your mother continue to improve in leaps and bounds! Thanks for sharing!

That is so wonderful to hear your news. I can just imagine your joy seeing your Mother and Father dancing. I am sure their hearts were bursting with love as they held each other. You are quite right. If nothing else is learned through this, it is that each day takes on new meaning. You learn that each smile, each hug and each moment to be alive and be able to interact with loved ones is a precious gift. That gift is a priceless one. Continued blessings to you all!

That is wonderful news… Thank you so much for sharing. And may your parents dance every single day:)

Fantastic news wacky! Hope they have many years of dancing ahead:)