Happy 2015! And an interesting article on Sleep & Brain Injuries


I Hope everyone enjoyed a great Christmas and are ready to ring in a brandy New Year this week! I found this article very interesting and thought I'd share with this group --> my sleeping patterns have certainly changed and continue to change since my AVM rupture back in February, 2011. I went from not being able to do anything but sleep early in my recovery to now being even more of a night owl I once was .... but it's all good because I'm so very Grateful my feet hit the ground each & every morning :-)!


My hopes are that all who are reading this continues to find comfort thru your healing journey!

Happy New Year everyone!




Thank you much for bringing this info ... this one is clear / easy to read... and, has the great references...

This may be of benefit for new members and those in their decision process...to help them ask their neuro-docs about this to better understand this likely potential post-procedure...whichever procedure is recommended and selected.

In the Brain Basics provided by Moltroub, the Section 2 covers the Brain Stem and Cranial Nerves and refs the reticular activating system (RAS) which plays a role in mediating the circadian rhythm, our sleep patterns.

Again, thanks for this...


Thanks for sharing - this is an understandable and informative article.