My husband has been home and doing pretty well. We start physical, occupational and speech therapy tomorrow. He's been getting better and better mentally.

Tonight I am freaked out. He's started having hallucinations. He saw a bug crawling across the blanket and knew that it wasn't really there. He told me that he was having hallucinations. He then closed his eyes and was describing his dreams out loud.

I am so scared and not sure if this warrants a trip to the ER, a call to the Dr. (which one?) or if it's nothing to worry about and he's just getting better. He's gone into a deeper sleep now, but seems to be moving a bit more than usual.

He did some of the describing dreams in the early days of being in the hospital. He went from having a normal consciousness level to hallucinating in a few minutes.

Oh, and he had the aneurysm on November 21 and we came home around December 5.


It could be medication he is on. I would at least call the doctor.


Hi Ginger...I would call the Doctor's office and ask them if this is something that happens...

Keep us posted...Cyber~thoughts Colleen

I myself haven't experienced anything like that . Sorry i couldn't be of any help ,I agree with colleen call the doc . I hope everythings okay .

Thanks to all for your advice! I stayed awake most of the night and kept a very close eye on him. He's better today, but still more out of it than the day before. It was a scary regression last night that reminded me so much of what happened in the early days of his recovery.

He had a spinal tap last week and had fluid drained. His ICP was high and he brought it back down to 12. The surgeon thought that it might help with the headaches and vision problems, but warned us that he might get an even worse headache a week later. So far the headache hasn't gotten worse, but it won't be a week until Thursday. Maybe it was a side effect of that procedure.

I tried to call the dr. office today, but they were closed for New Year's. I will call tomorrow and see what they say.

Hi Ginger, My mom is almost 3 months in recovery from her aneurysm surgery, unruptured, she had clipping of her aneurysm, she is 73 on Thursday.Physically she has recovered, she only has a speech therapist 1 to 2 times a week for her short term memory. in the beginning of her recovery she would see things that were not there like your husband is experiencing the Dr. Said it was her vision, due to the surgery,something you should ask the doctor, it may be temporary. Would like to know how you make out. Hang in there…God’s Blessings