Hair Loss & symptoms

Hi everyone!

I know a few of you have had some hair loss but did you have any other symptoms going on at the same time? Did your loss finally stop? I hate to complain but I am so afraid I will go bald.

Twice I went through some long term migraine headaches for about 4-5 weeks, 24/7. My last bout stopped during Christmas week (knock on wood). I also had 2 MRI's because of the migraine showing temporal fluid. Last MRI stated the fluid was 'stabilized, whatever that means. They didn't seem to concerned about the fluid. Right after that I noticed my hair was coming out to the point I have to brush it at least 4-5 x's a day or it knots up and also run my fingers through it or is all over my clothing. I also have intense, under the skull itching that goes on non-stop with no feeling in that area so trying to relieve the itch is pointless, but I try to with more of a massaging. Now that area of my head is really starting to sink in more so.

At first I thought the itching was a sign of healing but its been 5 months and instead of the skull looking better it's looking worse with the sinking. I still have very little hair growth where I was shaved. Never have cut my bangs yet.

Does the hair loss ever stop? I have an appointment with my neurologist the end of the month but I don't think hair loss with the doctor or surgeon is part of their helping post-cerebral craniotomies unless the other problems combined mean something.

Basically: Severe Migraines - Temporal Fluid - Itching - Hair loss

(Cerebral Aneurysm clipping 10-10-2011)

Sorry to hear this because after everything we go through it just doesnt seem fair to have to deal with changes to our appearance as well.Has your blood been checked for any vitamin deficiencies lately.My skull only sunk in a little and my hair grew back.I am also very fortunate to have a neurosurgeon/hospital that realizes that medicine is an all around healing spiritually,homeopathic(natural herbs,vitamins,etc) and medically.Talk to your doctor like you plan on doing and if he can't help you he should at least be able to point you in the direction of a specialists that can good luck!

Hi Jeanne...I think along with your hair loss...all of these symptoms need to be shared with the surgeon...infact, why don't you call the office and talk to the nurse...and tell her what is going on , they may want to see you sooner...~please keep us posted~ Gotcha in my Prayers...Colleen

Thanks Colleen & Darlene. I had bloodwork done about 2 weeks ago and see my primary 4/2 and my neurologist on 3/26. My primary always calls me if anything is wrong. As for the neurosurgeon, he doesn't have a nurse and he is wonderful but he only does the surgeries unless something critical comes up. I did ask his staff but they didn't think the migraines, operation, etc had anything to do with hair loss. I will talk to the upcoming doctors and see where it takes me.

I will admit I used to always complain about my extremely thick frizzy hair and now I see why I need to be grateful for it, lol. I'm just afraid of going bald completely.

All the post-op things, (like vision, headaches, lumps, skull shrinkage, etc) we go through are extremely frustrating being most of us never had them pre-op.

Thanks again. I will let you all know if I find anything out incase someone else goes through ongoing hair loss.

Hi concerns for you .. are the skull...but since I wasn't clipped I don't know what is normal and what isn't...however, I do know...I lost hair in back of my head where I was coiled...and it has all grown back...I think most that have been clipped will tell you the same...

Keep us posted on your appointments...and in the sure to get lots of rest...Colleen

Colleen, I was also concerned about the skull shrinking and hair loss.

My concern was that maybe the 3 problems were a sign of 'dying' in that area. Not sure what word to use. When I look in the mirror it is like the left side of my face/head is missing.

Not sure what my plate is made of but I know the screws are titanium. Matter of fact the screws stick out from my eyebrow. Very visible. so from the brow & backwards skull/hair is missing.

I hope my doctor's have some idea's, so I will wait it out. Sometimes the unknown is worse because our minds can wander in a negative direction.

Colleen, I thought coiling was non-invasive way to go, but yet I read here with others (coiled) that they also have migraines, headaches, hair loss, etc. Do you know why coiled people have these problems? The only thing I came up with is shock/stress or trauma to the head & system.

Please see a dermatologist. That really help to stop my hair loss. My God Bless.

Hi Jeanne...It is less invasive, but they are still up in your head...infact, after coiling my head was swollen...Actually, I never had migraines until I was effect of the coiling for 6 months after surgery, but I continue to have them, just not as often...I think you got it ... trauma to the head and body... it could also be I had other problems due to the surgery...

I am so happy to read ur post. I also have extreme itching and numbness on the same side as my incision. Being told I have dermatitis. How is this not related to my surgery 2 months ago?


Can you call/ask if "temporal fluid" related to temple, temporal bone, or temporal lobe...or does "temporal" relate to its common definition to time (of some fluid in some place; i.e. CSF, or plasma protein in bones or?)...

Can also "Ask the doc" on this site...I think migraines are related to temporal lobe area...ask, ask, ask,

Hair loss...(I had coils); My dermatologist recommended Biotin; it also helps nails...there's also some other kind of stuff...ask your hairdresser...I never got any.

I have had psoriasis since coiling; expensive prescriptive shampoo, gels/creams; nothing ever stopped the itch, irritation on skin, dandruff (baby type...sticks to scalp). I stopped the pharmafia; use Milk of Magnesia (my MoM...just know she'd fix it) ...For anyone changing/adding anything, do ask your doc... to be sure there are no interactions w/any prescriptives taken. My personal opinion is that there would not be...but do ask.

Some people put MoM on their skin/scalp for 10-20 minutes b4 shower/shampoo; I do that for shampoo; for my skin, I put MoM on very lightly and it is on all day, after shower/ face wash; wear it 24 hours/day. And, the price is right...

If you are taking any prescriptives, or other supplements, please do check them out; and ask your doctor...

Jeanne, wishing you the very best...prayers for stopping the pain and discomfort