Grateful for recovery from a level 5 Brain Aneurysm

In 2001, I survived a level-five brain hemorrhage. I was 56. After the insurance ran out, the medical people gave me little chance for recovery. But here I am at 65 and I am functioning rather well. For this, I thank my caregiver, Madonna Siles. She’s writing a blog about it at She believes the most important thing a caregiver can do is take care of herself and learn to control stress. All her best rehab ideas came to her when she was relaxed. I know it because that’s what happened in our home. I hope my friend’s ideas will work for you, too.

Hello Eve… What an inspiring story!! You are quite the consummate survivor!! Congrats to you and your wonderful caregiver… may you all continue in your recovery and “blessed relaxation”. You go, girl!!!

Thank you…thank you… thank you. Keep healing and encouraging Madonna.