Good to go

You guys have all been great. When nobody, including myself, couldn’t understand you were there and I appreciate each and every one of you.

And now I start Chapter 3. I had my angiogram yesterday and it was a bear but it was worth it. My aneuysm is gone. Bye-bye and good riddance.
No more angiograms and no more Plavix. IF I need a follow up, it will be in 5 years and a MRA.

So that is over and I don’t have to worry about another angiogram and I get to settle in and find out what is permanent and what was just my bundle of nerves.


Good news. It’s a lovely feeling to have this aneurysm stuff in your rear-view mirror, isn’t it?

So happy for you!

Yes, it is. It is odd how exhausting it can be just living with knowing the aneuysm is just hanging around in there.

Thank you I appreciate it.

That’s great news Ms. Mary! Happy dancing for you. Now fill your life with wonderful moments…

Thanks. I tried and I tripped on my 2 left feet. I think I need a tad bit more practice on my balancing act. They made an appointment for me to come in on the 23rd to explain some things. Like the small headache that became a massive headache. This too will pass. And, and, and they took me off Plavix. No more hands and arms looking like beat around tennis balls. I just need to heal but I have plenty of cool weather to keep wearing long sleeves. After the angiogram, my hands are arms are almost total purple. I suppose I could tell people it is a tattoo that went wrong.

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Coronavirus entered and they cancelled my appointment. I am thinking they don’t have anything they need to tell me. Which means I am alone at this. I really screwed it up last time but if it should happen again, at least, I will know what it is.

But for now I am trying to get my garden put together. I have my starters growing way too big for their trays but the weather isn’t ready for me to put them out yet.

I hope everybody is well and avoiding the virus…also have been able to find TP.

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You aren’t alone Ms. Mary! Most hospitals and clinics are only taking emergencies. Even my ophthalmologist is only taking emergencies and I mucked up my glasses :crazy_face:. So I just ordered the same prescription and will have an appointment as the glasses place is only allowing one person in at a time. Our PCP is having patients wait for an RN in their vehicle to come into the building and they have to enter through a side door. The dermatologist’s office closed for about three weeks and they have just started telemedicine. The list goes on…you might want to see if your specialist is doing telemedicine so they can still talk to you. Try using the patient portal, if you have one. For us that have had procedures, we are in the high risk group so kudos to the medical folks that are trying their best to protect us! From what I understand the “thunderclap” headache is caused from the blood mixing with the cerebral spinal fluid and the pressure the blood puts on the brain. Don’t know if this will help answer your questions - Hang in there

I am doing okay. The weather change has made the headache a bit more noticeable but I have accepted it as a part of my life and remind myself it could have been a whole lot worse.

The doctor/clinic situation is ok for now. I don’t want to see a doctor for a LONG time except. They found out I had sleep apnea while I was in ICU and put me on a BiPap machine. The doctor I have is below useless. I have had nothing but trouble but the last time I was in and he asked me what I thought we should do. I said I don’t know. I am not a doctor nor have I played one on TV. So I made an appointment with a new Dr. His first available appointment was in May. I am hoping but I don’t think this will be over by then but we can hope. The funny thing is my hairdresser is closed, understandable. My podiatrist is also closed. I have to have my toenails trimmed because I don’t have enough strength in my right hand to trim them yet. I understand that, too. But my dog’s groomer is open. Yep, an essential business but I am thinking might ask her if she can fit me in for a haircut and nail clip. Take care and let’s just hope we get out of this mess soon. I am ready to start my new normal and I am certainly hoping this isn’t it.

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I had a nitwit tell me I had sleep apnea because I had most of the markers. I said no, everything is explainable and said wouldn’t they have noticed when I was in ICU? So thanks for verifying my thought! A couple weeks ago I reacted rather badly to my allergy shots…pollen is everywhere in NC…the RN this week asked how I did, I told her, she said did you use your epi pen? I said, don’t I have to go to the hospital if I use it? She said yes, I remarked yep, that’s not going to happen lol

I am surprised they don’t have my dog on a Pap machine for apnea. Talk about a money maker. I haven’t met anybody who took the test that didn’t have apnea. I find it hard to believe that EVERYBODY that snores has apnea and I don’t snore. Sadly the doctors don’t have a clue and the suppliers are pretty much out of the loop, too.

But NC…my second home. My Dad worked on the tobacco company so we lived 4 to 5 months in NC every year. We lived in Wilson, Windsor, Greenville and a lot of other towns that I just can’t remember right now.

Yep, you can use your epi pen and then go sit in the hospital driveway for a day or so.

Sounds like your Dad had to oversee all the tobacco fields, what a job! Coming from CA, I couldn’t believe all the places people were once allowed to smoke, it was very odd. I remember when our County Health RNs we’re pushing for no smoking on County property. The poor RN at our benefits fair got very frustrated when I said I would give a cigarette to a client’s parent if they needed one when I had to remove their child. She became flabbergasted. I asked her what she would do when a parent wanted a smoke, couldn’t have one and the stress became too much - give a smoke or allow the parent to go off and physically hurt someone? I’m still trying to figure out why the ABC stores are considered an essential business but not the independent tobacco stores? A friend in TN said her mayor was trying to avoid people having DTs and filling up the hospitals. I think it’s revenue and the politicians personal habits lol.

It is making less sense every day. My dad was the head buyer for American Tobacco. He saw the cards falling and retired while he was still able to get full retirement pension and medical. He taught me at about the age of 3, the love of lobster, crab legs and all fresh seafood. And … NC BBQ. I try but I guess you just have to first but a pig.

Hope you and your family had a great holiday and are all well.

You can smoke a pig butt on the Weber grill or any grill. Try amazing Now for the Eastern NC vinegar sauce, you are on your own…they might have a recipe online. I tried a vinegar sauce the first time in FL, it wasn’t to my taste. But then we found BBQ King in Lincolnton …went there Friday lol!