Good news

So I just got back from the surgeon for my 3 month post op. He says I'm normal. He says I can do whatever I want that I can stand to do, no precautions, no more tests. Says the pain may never go away. I may always have the numb hurting skull.

He brought up some fluid that now looked okay that I did not know had caused concern. But says looks good now.

It's a little scary since he says he is done with me. No more follow-up. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad, but scared a little bit too.

I stopped the PT last week, because of the cost. I have a high deductible insurance plan and already owe way more than I know how to pay. I am just going to exercise on my own.

So now physical strength and moral and emotional strength. Best to everyone who reads this. And thanks.

Pat, that is such good news. I have heard that with clipping, it is more permanent, however, since I had coiling and stent, cannot really compare. I understand the $$ part - I am starting to get bills myself that insurance did not cover and think I will be paying them off the rest of my life. Definitely will look for secondary insurance.

I hope the doc is not correct that the pain may never go away. Three months is not very long recovery for what you went through, so.... Will pray that you get better every day.


thanks for the prayers, keep them comin please. Not sure that any of us will ever be able to get any other insurance.

Great News Pat...!

Continue to Heal and Take it "One day at a time"...

Cyber~Hugs your way...Colleen

Hi Pat,

This is such good news! What a blessing you've received.

I can imagine how you may be a little "scared" to let go of your surgeon. You may be asking yourself, "am I really gonna be alright!" Well, the answer is yes, you will be! :-)

I have such fond memories of my surgeon. My mother and my brothers and sisters do also. He had such a good manner and he gave me such good care. I was only his 83rd patient and quite a challenge, at that! Since moving away, I have sent him anniversary cards on major milestones 20th, 25th, 40th. I got such a lovely return note from him in celebration of the 40th anniversary. I will always cherish it. Who knows, you and your doctor may have bonded, too.

A round of applause for planning to keep up your exercises at home. It will really help a lot. I've learned, the hard way, that things go better if you do the exercises regularly. It's still early on in your recovery and based on the way things have gone for you thus far, I'll bet that the pain does go away in the not to distant future.

Take care.


Pat, overall you have been blessed. Most Ii know of with surgery, need less follow-up. We have a few, like Kimberley, who have gone through, are still going thrugh, more than can be imagined.

Have you described your pain before; and gotten feedback here?

Prayers for your continued healing.