Glenn waters

Hi every one Glenn here I had my clipping a week ago today we drove home yesterday 7 hr trip I had a really bad headache last night but it’s pretty good now would that. Be from the long trip I get staples out today that will be great can anyone tell me why my back is sore low down and my glutes a I have tight hamstrings what is the best way to fix this problem any advice would be much appreciated thanks

Hi Glenn. I had mine clipped five weeks ago and for about three weeks afterwards my worst pain was my lower back and hips. I began stretching several times a day and walking. At first I walked short distances several times a day and now I am up to 3+ miles. It helped tremendously and the pain is gone.

Thanks very much for your help

hi glenn! wow0 you been thru the wringer bud! no wonder your hurtin! can you take tylenol or aleve?is there a physical therapist around- you got to stretch your hams out-you sit long ways on bed =one leg straight out the other bent on floor then you streeettcchh forward with torso and try to touch toe with hands count to 20 repeat 3 or 4 times then do other leg(turn around)180 degrees, theres a glute one too-you lie down on back with knees bent and squeeze glutes count to ten repeat 3 or 4 times, men have these problems much more they said. too bad we all dont have hot whirlpool saunas to hop in!! You will feel better soon im sure after that ordeal!--oh yeah early on i had therapist come to my home that insurance paid for but i think my dr set that up cause i was bad off.good luck!

Glenn, So good to hear from you and glad you are home. Think maybe the position you are in during surgery plus time spent in bed, is what cause the back and leg pain. Some of the worst pain I experienced after surgery, was my lower back and legs. I started walking 3x’s a day for short periods, as soon as they let me get out of bed. This seemed to help my legs. Light stretches plus biofreeze gel might help your back and legs as well. Take care of yourself, Mary

Thanks heaps mate

Thankyou Mary

Gigi...give your doc an extra hug...please let him/her know to address these issues with the patients...

before fact, to address the recovery issues before selections are made on clips or coils..

My comparison here is Carole G who had clips over 4 decades ago...and, Kim Justus (sp?) ...and hers back in 1995...

Wishing you the best continued recovery...


Glenn.. welcome and best wishes for your all (almost all) have had wonderful recovery...

Besure to ask your doc a/w/a here...


Hello Glen i'm glad you're home and got rid of annie. Time to rest and let your brain heal.

the pains in your lower back i can not help you with. Maybe stretches will help.

God Bless


Hello Glen

Glad to read all went well and you are home. I hope the leg and back pain improve soon. Hospital mattresses are never good! I had my aneurysm coiled8 months ago, but still find traveling by car gives me a headache, I think it must be something to do with the bumping around and the metal inside moving.


Hi Glenn,

Sometimes our body can act out for a week or few from the anesthesia. I know mine did. It took about 4 weeks before my body (not my head) felt normal again. If your situation worsens or you feel you need to contact doctor do it right away. That was a very long ride home for you and must have been rough on your back to sit so long. Take some epsom salt baths and if you have someone that can massage it with some baby oil or back rub oils do it to see how that feels. Take care, Jeanne





hi jeanne! i just wanted to thank you-i felt like i got run over by a truck 3 days post recoiling- i called nueros & asked about anesteshia or dyes & they said nnnnoooo- nothing they did would effect me and said sounded like i had the flu!!!!! lol-are they in denial? or do they lie or they need re training??? im now recalling anesthesiologist whining that everyone who has a little ache blames him!!!

Thank you Pat. My doctor has been wonderful as well as all the ICU nurses and therapists who gave me information on recovery and assisted me throughout my stay. It was no picnic but they certainly made it easier. They all told me the more I walk the better I will get. For me, the walking really worked.

Hi Glenn...I am so so glad you are home...God 7 hour trip home....I had 3 hour and thought that was awful...

Often pain in back, etc., has to do with the way they position one in surgery...the best you can do is stretching exercises...and that is it...I find holding my fingers in the doorway and standing and reaching up on my toes and letting the pressure go in the back to be helpful....

You rest and heal....enjoy some good books and movies....and we will send positive vibes your way ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen