Getting really nervous

My Dad's operation is on Monday (25th May) and he will be getting the (pipeline) PED stent, possibly with coils but I think they are aiming to do it without them. Just before they do this they will be stenting the blocked carotid artery around his ear/throat area.

I've read fantastic things about the PED and there's a wonderful group on here for the pipeline patients which has helped me a lot. But now it's getting closer - I've started to worry! He's been given a 5% risk rate for both operations together and I can't stop thinking about that and worrying that an artery will be punctured in the brain or something else will happen. I get anxiety naturally so I've had to work really hard to try and stop that from rearing it's ugly head.

The PED is meant to be really safe isn't it? And we have a really good neurosurgeon who will be operating, he's an interventional radiologist. But I can't stop worrying that it's a very real fact that something may go wrong. I wish it was a 0% risk rate.

What risk percentages were you all given for your operations? No matter whether it was clipping or coiling or PED's. I read on here a sad story about an endovascular attempt and it's got me so scared. Just looking for reassurance I guess.

SG, by and large, reassurance doesn't come from risk percentages. At a certain point, trusting your dad's team, taking a deep breath, and telling yourself "It is going to be okay" is the most helpful thing you can do. It is natural to be anxious before a surgery like this. We have seen so many deal with anxiety beforehand, and then we see them come back doing the happy dance afterwards. We're rooting for your dad, and look forward to hearing from you after the procedure. Make sure he gets plenty of rest afterwards, and don't load him up with visitors too soon.

Thankyou Madere, I can't stop thinking about it. My Dad's pretty relaxed about it when I call him on the phone but I'm worrying my little head off on the inside. I just can't relax and ease up. I can't stop thinking 'what if, what if, what if' all the time. If only I could turn the worry switch off.

I've been reading all the successful stories, especially the ones that are of the same procedure. But now I've read them all, once, twice, three times. And now just to wait and to not know what's going to happen on that day... I hate it. I wish I could be in the operating room with the surgeons!