Getting a cold post clipppong

I’m 5 weeks post clipping, I’m on Keppra and I feel like I’m getting a cold. Has anyone else gotten sick after surgery? And can you tell me how you handled it? Thank you

I’ve never been on Keppra, but I looked up side effects

Might want to call the doctor and let them know. Seems like a cold or flu like symptoms are part of the side effects.

I did come down with the flu on my last angiogram, caught it at the hospital. It sucked.

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Thank you

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Also, checked it your symptoms in detail.
I have been in struggling for over 2 years, but i am getting much better.
I think I have a bunch of symptoms than anyone else, because my aneursym hit my brain stem and have lateral medullary syndrome

Use something that makes you warm.
Right now, I am ordering ski face mask, so if I wake a walk, I felt covered
I take warm drinks and foods like hot tea milk, coffee (a liitle coffee with milk), soup.

I take a risk by having gaining weight.
Now, I have less pain nerve in whole body.
Cross your finger and Pray!