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Fusiform aneurysm result of Nf1?

Hello everyone. This is my first post on this forum.
I have diagnosed with a 15 mm fusiform aneurysm of the cavernous right internal carotid artery in December 2017 ,
It was diagnosed after a mri scan following a tinatus investigation.
I have just learnt yesterday that as I have nf1 I had a higher propensity of having an aneurysm- no one has ever told me and are there other people out there who have Neurofibromatosis 1 and also have aneurysms ?

I’m still waiting for appointment to see my neurologist as I’m in the UK under the national health service could be sometime before I see one.
I was hoping to find more information about my particular aneurysm but can find very little on the Internet the most I’ve found it via USA sites which say it’s rare to rupture and I’m sure I found a x-ray of the aneurysm location and it looks like it’s in the neck?

I’m very confused at the lack of information that’s on the web about my aneurysm and then the long wait to see my neurologist is driving me crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:I wish I could go private :confused:
Is there anyone who has had an un ruptured Aneurysm like mine treated or can give me advice .

I ve had spontaneous short sharp pains in the back of my head for several years which come and go every few months which only lasts for a few days and can be quite funny for unlookers when I react to these bolts of pain there in th3 area where I think the aneurysm is - do others have these strange pains ?
I would be so grateful for any help in this matter.
Kind regards to all

I had a fusiform aneurym at the vertebral harboring the PICA. The size was 10mm x 8 mm. Unfortunately, in my case, it ruptured. Like you, I was having symptoms like a stiff neck and upper back pain. I did not know that I had this aneurym and treated my stiff neck with a chiropractor adjustment. It resulted in migraines and it ruptured 3 days later. Is there a way to fast track your appointment since you are suffering from neurological issues like sharp pain and you were diagnosed with fusiform aneurym? I am not familiar with Nf1 and relationship with aneurysm. For more information on aneurysm, TAAF has a lot of good information. The key thing is finding a NeuroSurgeon who has a lot of experience . The best are research hospitals that deals with a lot of aneurysm and AVM cases. Best of luck