Hi all
I was diagnosed with Berry Aneurism 8mm with 5 mm opening on Carotid Artery at ring of Willis on 12 November
My GP told me to be calm destress and contacted Neuro at Westmead after 8 days of me and GP contacting and being told lies of his whereabouts ( holidays found out afterwards) my GP has now referred me to another Neuro.
I have not been able to work as double triple vision face palsy and now dull headache after initial 2 massive ones in 3 week period
Does this sound normal practice I am now without pay and still no appointment

I don’t want to alarm you, or frighten you but with that said, I would advise you to be very aggressive in the urgency for you to be seen as soon as possible. I would say it’s a great possibility that the headaches and double vision could be caused by a bleed from the aneurysm, a warning leak. I say that only from my own experience as I had those very symptoms as well as ataxia and they said I had a leaking aneurysm, and had mine clipped. If need be, go to the ER so they can do a scan or mra to see that is what may be happening. Prayers to you

bentivoglio or pell at st vincents or curtis at north shore

Cassandra...welcome...I always wish/pray for reasons other than what we go thru...tho so it is magnificent to have sharing available...

It seems like it is all clear here already...

Please do not wait...and, be sure you have an advocate with you...and, do not drive...

Prayers for you...and, that you keep us updated...


Hi Cass, have to agree with Liam, I am in Sydney now from country NSW about to have my pre-admission tomorrow & surgery on Wednesday for a 7mm annie at RPA with Dr Rodney Allan, fantastic surgeon… pls take care & get a second opinion x

It seems once they find our brain aneurysm's the journey can take some time to getting appointments...but you have some serious problems going on and I would either be very aggressive and/or go to ER...Worried about you ~ Colleen