Frustrated this morning!

My dad what’s to smoke among other things that’s not good for him. He’s mentally disable however he remembers doing the bad things that contributed to his rupture. Any advice?

Hmm? This is tough...because often we can control the actions of impress upon dad how much you love him...and if you were to let him would be killing him... try and do things to get his mind away from the smokes...and show him by example...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Colleen I can tell your a sacrificer like myself. Although I’m still smoking here and there its in my heart to quit, I’m leading my dad by example, I spend most of my time with him. It’s like we’re helping one another I don’t smoke at all when I’m in his presence, I’v decreased to 5 cigarettes a day. Soon I’ll be a nonsmoker thanks to my dad’s Rupted Annie. I believe all things work together for good of those that love, The Lord.

This is keep on working on a quit...and one of these days it will stick...remember Shawnette ... we are human ... nobody perfect... and as a sure to take time out for is important...~ Wishing you and dad better days ahead...~ Colleen