From Jennifer C - my mom just had a stroke today

Hi everyone -

Some of you know me from my own posts about my recent coiling and stent. Well, today, unbelievably, my mom had a stroke. She lives in N Cal and I'm flying up there in an hour. She was on the floor, alone, for 2 1/2 days before my sister found her. I don't know too many details yet - she's apparantly less confused than originally, but can't move around -

I'm asking for your prayers and good thoughts. She won't get an MRI til tomorrow for some idiotic reason - so has only had CT so far.

I can't believe I have aneurysm in my life in a completely different context. We had no idea she was at any risk - this is a shock.



My prays are with you. God bless and your Mom. Angels are watching over both of you.

My prays are with you. God bless and your Mom. Angels are watching over both of you.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, your Mom & your family!

oh my gosh Jennifer, your family and you will be in my prayers tonight. Take care Jenn H.


My prayers are with you and your family...

I will write more later...

Many Hugs,



My thoughts and prayers are with your mom, you and your family at this time. Be safe

*hugs* God Bless


No - at a hospital in Berkeley. But my brother went to Fresno State so I’ve been there!


after being told it was an ischemic stroke, and many tests and doctors and hours and hours and hours later, we're told it's all due to a URINARY TRACT INFECTION. How unbelievable is that?!?!?! I guess, esp in the elderly, UTI's can be quite serious and cause lots of neuro problems - probably made her confused, she fell, was hurt and increasingly confused, spent 2 nights on the floor, alone, so very dehydrated and weak. But NOT a stroke. Many nurses have said its a miracle she survived the fall and the being alone on the floor for 3 days. I'm at the hosp now, will fly home tomorrow.

Thank you so so so much for the good thoughts and prayers. who knows, maybe truly is a miracle. All I know is she's okay 0- will need some rehab time for weakness, but she's going to be okay.

Dodged a bullet.



You have my prayers...! ... And Wishing Well with safe on your travels...and know we are here for you...

Thank ~ you for my are a gem and a big sweetheart...

God Speed to you and ya Colleen

Thanks Colleen! I thought you deserved a special gift - it’s such a rough time and I understand that. You take care ofYOU!!!

I am so very happy to hear the good news about your mom. I am in northern california as well. But in the Sacto area. I think the UC hospital are very good. But it sounds she is good hands. YOU take good care of yourself. Lights and prayers coming your way. KIm

Jennifer I just now got a chance to read your posts. I am so Glad that your mom is ok. Hate That she was on the floor for so long but it wasnt a stroke thats a good thing. Safe travels Beth


It is a miracle for you all; I hope your mother has generally good health to aid in her recovery from her fall and the UTI...Will she go into a Rehab initially or direct to home w/home health care or...whatever, I hope it is the right thing for her recovery...and, to ease your thoughts / activities for your continued recovery.

Prayers to you all,


Jennifer I am so sorry to hear that. You and your Mom will be in my prayers. I know you will be very busy but please keep us all up to date.

Thinking and Praying for You and Your mom this morning...! Hugs Colleen

thank god shes ok ,god be with you both linda

Wow Jennifer! That's great news about your mom. How scary this must have been for all of you, but what a relief it isn't what you originally thought.

God bless