Freedom through information

I asked for copies of all my scan reports recently because I was getting headaches, head pains and various symptoms that worried me and the information I was given about scans was so limited- satisfactory was the usual word used. I got every scan report including angiogram, MRI, and operation report. The latest was very positive saying that aneurysm had significantly regressed and the clot was smaller. It also said there were no new features! Since getting these reports I have had NO headaches and very few head pains. I feel more optimistic about my future health and confident about exerting myself at the gym etc, For me, information has meant freedom. It won't help everyone because I have a nursing background so I could understand the reports but I would encourage people who need facts to get the reports and ask for them to be explained. I was obviously getting many of my symptoms from anxiety and that is just a vicious circle. Of course it could just be a coincidence but 2 years on I now feel like I have found myself again and all is very promising for a long healthy and happy life! I dearly hope you all can also be as fortunate as me xxx.

Great discussion, Jennifer, and a good example of the benefits of advocating for yourself. Thanks for sharing!

hi!!! wow how appropriate- I just ordered my reports thru my nuerologist as I expressed my complete void of reports from sah 5 yrs ago. dr was surprised I had nothing. She did verify its on the right side since my affected side is left. Maybe if I read about it I will have greater acceptance of the devastation? Anyone know how long this will take to get the reports and will they go to me or the nuerologists? tc have a great weekend ps im a little worried how the reports will affect my ptsd, I will write a discussion soon~

Okay I’m going to brag - Wake Forest Baptist Health has an app for that! It’s called MyChart. It’s very easy to take the phone in and show the doctors. Most are not used to it, so it’s good to learn to navigate before going in. Some want to see it, others don’t. However I also have a hard copy from Baptist, as well as from our local hospital. My new neurologist suggested keeping one.

Ron, it only took me a short time as well. For my local hospital, ER visit flight to Baptist, I received it that day. I did not have to pay for them. I think it was as long as it took me to drive the three miles. It’s not a large county. My baptist records were given to me by my first neurologist. It is literally a box that companies buy their reams of paper in.He was a good fit for me, but his office was bright and shiny. As for your PTSD, remember it is in the past, your are not a victim anymore You Are A Survivor. If you start having issues, tell yourself what the date is, look around recognize things that were not around you at that time - keep yourself grounded in this year, in this moment. Remember to breathe - people stop breathing when faced with anxiety, or they don’t breathe correctly. Practice breathing now, every day, several times a day. You will be fine.

Thanks for posting this! I’m thinking I will do the same thing. I’m one of those people that want to know everything. Good, bad or otherwise. I don’t have a medical background but will look things up if I need to. I’ve been anxious lately and I think this could help ease my mind somewhat instead of trying to squash the demons that keep creeping into my thoughts. I’m not one to freak out over things but without information you can have a lot of runaway thoughts and it just makes things more difficult. I’m really glad you shared this with us. I’m having an MRA today but not seeing my neurosurgeon until Dec 12th and was just thinking that was a bit of a wait to find out how things are and then saw your post. My latest MRA results probably won’t be included with the records but I will at least be informed of everything else and I can relax some. Best of everything with your continuing recovery!

no mention of paying but if they do i'll send them to u since you know about this-lol

Barb said:

Glad you are feeling very positive and well Jennifer! I too requested all medical reports and scans, both from the hospital and Drs. in question. I too have a nursing background, so was able to understand them and if not, I asked.

It always amazes me how our minds (anxiety) can be our worst enemy!!

Keep up the good work!!