Fourteen year survivor!

Well, in nine more days I will be… March 9, 1998 was the day I had the “worst headache of my life”. Here I am all these years later living a happy, normal life. There have been a lot of coiling procedures and a clipping over the years, but thanks to my wonderful doctors at Duke, I am still here.
Keep the faith and count your blessings no matter how hard it gets.
You CAN make it through anything!


Congrats on your upcoming annie-versary! I am in awe of the survivors I have met here at BAF! You are truly an inspiration to us all!


Tammy, congratulations and thank you for the encouragement.

Congratulations Tammy...! 14 years as a survivor is inspirational to all...!

Enjoy and Treat yourself to something fun...!

Cyber~congratulations and well~wishes your way...Colleen


You share my wife's "re-birth day". Her was March 9, 1994. She was in a HMO insurance program and just switched to traditional indeminity on March 1 1994. Talk about a shock claim for her new carrier. We totaled the bills that amounted to $315,000. Here's to no more Headaches! Cheers!!


Congratulations hope you have many more years.

Thank you!

Thank you! Stay strong.

Thank you!

Thank you! Yes, those EOBs coming in a manilla envelope definately cause some heartburn. I always tell people I haven’t had a headache in 13 ( almost 14) years but the last one sure was a doozy!


Thank you!

Tammy, congratulations on your have been blessed. Prayers for many more years.