For week of 14 Aug 2022

A couple days late, I apologize. Been so busy that my brain is just bonkers and I’m pretty sure my Neurosurgeon would ground me again😂

But new members have joined and we really look forward to them starting new topics or adding to ones that are currently running. Remember that if the entry shows something like Nov ‘10, it’s really old so start a new one. Try to respond to topics that aren’t over a year old…better yet six months old. It’s easy smeasy to start a new topic under General and type away your question to the group!

We start this entry off with no other than @StillMurphy up in South Dakota (SD) who has lived to tell the tale and what a tale it is! Christina had a thunderclap headache back in ‘09, went to her rural hospital and even with an MRI was sent home sedated. No relief from pain and having other issues, she reached out to her NP who reviewed her MRI and told her to go to the city ER NOW! They did an MRI and spinal tap ( those taps hurt like the dickens). An appoint was set up with a neurologist who diagnosed her with cluster headaches. It took him a long time to reach out to the University of Iowa when she asked for a second opinion. They called her emergency contact when she didn’t answer the phone and she was in surgery the next day. There’s more to her story than I wrote but the words running in my head concerning her adventures to get her surgery would have me locked out of this group! Really glad you did perserver Christina!

@Nellypifur is in Wisconsin, a mother of 4. Don’t know where she found the type to start university in 2020 but she did! Shannel believes the medicine she was prescribed caused the small aneurysm that was stented and coiled in 2021.

@ChrisC has another interesting story. Christopher lives in Texas. He, his wife and two young children were traveling in Spain when he ruptured on the 4th of August. A week of NSICU and now in general recovery in a hospital in San Sebastián. He is looking for encouragement whilst being in a foreign country. I’m pretty sure it’s hard not only for him, but his family and friends as well. Christopher, please start a new topic under the General tab…Let’s help him out folks!

@annkerry is in New Jersey. She has had migraines since she was 10! Her father had a double ruptured aneurysm. She is a young active musician able to play three instruments and sing! Being familiar with migraines, she had the worse one of her life with the left side of her face going numb. She fell asleep nonetheless and woke up feeling fine. Annie made a trip to the ER a couple of days later and was told to get an MRI outside of the hospital. She had her MRI/A done and they found a left PCOM aneurysm. She is waiting for more tests to confirm the finding. Annie wants to learn more and receive support. We can certainly help her!

Last up for this go around is @Kmanstof in Virginia. In my opinion she did exactly what she needed to do…Kate had been diagnosed with a 2.5mm aneurysm and the doctor scheduled her first appointment six months out and refused a consultation (good grief). She found a new doctor and is getting an angiogram next Monday. I think a very good job at self advocating, well done!

That’s it for this week folks. I will try my best to get teh welcomes from now to Sunday in on Sunday, no promises of course…