For all of you who PRAY

PLEASE pray for Colorado Springs and all the burning areas in Colorado and New Mexico. I am waiting to hear from my daughter who may or may not have had to evacuate last night. Their old house was in a location that was evacuated, as was the hotel we stay at when we visit....she is/WAS still about 6 miles from the fire last night. They had everything loaded up that is "imperative" (I hope) but it is also 100 degrees there and they have no air conditioning because it is usually not hot there but a few days a year and they can usually open windows....with all the smoke, THAT is not an option either!!!

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Hi Tera,

I will pray for your daughter and all those in danger of fire and those who are in danger of flood. I also pray for those who have to reclaim their lives in the aftermath of so much destruction.

Take care.


Thank you Carole!! I KNOW those firefighters are tired and they have not got a break yet....praying for rain to extinguish the fires and let these guys get some rest......also praying for the families who have already lost their homes, businesses who can no longer operate, etc....they were already having a really hard time with economy and this is REALLY going to be detrimental! My son-in-law's place of employment was in the "danger" zone last night....haven't tried to reach my daughter because I'm sure she was awake all night worrying!

You got my prayers Tera...for all in those areas...Gosh it is horrible...~

praying now for your daughter and the others-i tend to walk around in semi- denial-oblivious to these disasters. so thank you for this update, also praying for you Tera youve been thru so much-May you have much peace and blessings for you & yours

Tera...Oh My God...I have been watching the news on the Fire's...those poor people...please update us on your daughter...I am worried...Prayers to all in Colorado and New Mexico...~ Colleen

Thank you SO much Ron!!! I think most of us do until it affects someone we care about. I thank you for the prayers and I thank you for the request for peace and blessings....we are certainly claiming those prayers and knowing they will be answered!!! God Bless you!!!

Thank you Nikki, I so appreciate the prayers...she is fine, but 3,200 are displaced so far with no daughter is still several miles from the "evacuation line" for the fire. I so appreciate it. Last year it was Texas (where we live) and New Mexico. This year it is New Mexico (different area) and Colorado. Pray for the rains to wet all of our drought stricken areas....some areas, like Florida are flooded....mother nature must be off her good humor meds again!!! LOL!!!


So far my daughter's house is okay...they are still several miles from the evacuation area.The house they lived in BEFORE they bought this one is right around the evacuation area.....her father-in-law is living there and so far he has been able to stay. I think about 3,200 have been evacuated from the City so far. Please keep praying for all of them!!!!


Tera the know I realize people's lives are more important then their homes...however, it is hard and unimaginable to see everything that represents you...up in sad for all of them...yes keeping them all in my prayers...~

Tera, I to have family My children as well in Colorado Springs. They were evacuated on Tuesday when the Waldo canyon fire came down and took its wrath on the beloved West Side. I set my Power of prayer in motion in every place I could think.....but didn't do so here.....I truly believe the god lord knew this avenue was covered.

SO Thank You all for your Prayers.....334 homes lost .......2 lives.......and 25% containment!

Tera...many prayers for both CO/ NM...they are bautiful states...and, my srongst prayers are for the residents there for their safety...the news has been emoionally devastating for the numbers forced from their homes....

We all have to include in our prayers...those who have been rescued have been blessed...


You have my prayers for all caught up in this terrible fire, I hope your daughter will be safe and that you will hear from her soon, for now take care of you, Jill xxx

AMEN Darcy!!!! My daughter has NOT been evacuated and all is okay in their area at present.....I have her son here with me as he is in Texas for his month with his dad, but I have to "return" him (we meet at the TIP of Texas not far from New Meico) next Saturday. I hate for him to breath all that smoke but he is so ready to go home....he is 5 and misses his mommy and step-daddy. know that brain aneurysm short-term memory thing....I may have asked you this before, but cannot remember.....where do your Choate's come from???? I am a Choate (maiden name) too!!!! I also have a cousin named Darcy, but her last name isn't Choate but she is from a Choate!!!

Yes, Pat we surely do!!! Thank you for your prayers....losing homes and everything you have is horrid, but loss of life is far worse and I am thankful there has been little of that!!!!

So far, they are fine, and their area has not been evacuated....many others have lost much, but they have kept their lives.....God is good!!!! Thank you so much Jill!!!

Prayers are coming your way for all involved in such a catastrophe. Just a thought, I wonder how much of this is a result of Natural gas fracking?????

Hi Tera,

We saw the pictures of the fires on TV you must be extremely worried i hope by now though you have had some news and everything is OK . Our thoughts are with you John & Sue

No clue Sheree....some say "arson"...some say a "random cigarette butt"....I dont' think any cause has yet been determined! Thank you so much for the prayers!!

Thank you John & Sue!!! My daughter's house is still well away from the fires and they have them about 55% contained right now. I am praying for their monsoon season to start now and put those fires out WITHOUT flooding the areas that no longer are able to soak it up!!!