Following a rupture, please get your hormones checked!

When you have a rupture (or if you had a clipping close to your pituitary gland), the blood pours into the little bone cup that holds your pituitary gland. Your pituitary gland is the master gland in your body. The hormones secreted by the pituitary gland regulates what your weight will be, what your blood pressure is, your heart rate, how your kidneys function, your sexual hormones, your sleep patterns, as well as every aspect of your bodily functions. Blood is poison for brain tissue, the pituitary gland, as well as for your Hypothalamus. Blood will destroy your pituitary and cause hypopituitary symptoms. If you have had a rupture PLEASE have your hormones tested

I have read many articles about what happens to your hormones after a rupture. Please read the following articles, print them out and go to a really good PITUITARY specialist.;35/12/2884

Please contact an endocrinologist who specializes in pituitary disfunction:

I posted some of this information under another thread, but I thought it was important enough to post it onder its own thread. I found all this information out the hard way, following my rupture I started putting on weight. I was also having spurts of blood pressure rushes. I wasn't sleeping well, I would be awake at night and then sleep during the day. My body was all turned around. Please get yourself checked out.


For an overview of hypopituitarism:

Thank you for the referral sites. I am very aware of pituitary issues…did not keep all the sites you provided.
The relation to kidney is important to me as there are some symptoms that do not show up on discharge…

There are other issues that I encourage people to note symptoms to ask their neuros / pcps.
Auto-immune related; skin (psoriasis), dry mouth, dry eyes…one is called Sjogren’s Syndrome and there are others.
Hearing loss - balance related
Visual muscle control (can’t say right word) - balance related; and, so much more… I did vision therapy.

For those 50 +, it’s good to have hearing tested anyway, not related to an aneurysm, or specific symptoms other than aging. Please remember to ask your mds.

Wishing you all a great weekend.