Flying post op? Is it safe?

Just wondering if anyone is a jetsetter out there and is it safe to fly after annie surgery? Do you have headaches?

Hi Karen

I had an annie coiled in April, and have a 4mm on watch n wait, did my first flight end of July so about 14 weeks after surgery and no problems what so ever.

Best Wishes


Thanks Gaynor, that's nice to hear!



A forum friend on another site had clipping surgery and flew thia past summer. I had encouraged her to do it because air pressure has very little to do our internal structure. We adjust to pressure changes just like our ear canals do. By the way, she tried it and had no problems whatsoever.

I flew 2 mos post surgery, and then again a couple mos later - no problems other than my fear!

Hi Karen...I had one annie coiled November 2010...and 1 annie is a watch and wait...I flew the first time a month ago...and all was fine...I didn't set off any "bells and whistles"...flying big jet isn't a problem...however, I ended up with a headache from just is my "new normal"...but nothing to do with plane...

Hope this makes you feel better...Hugs Colleen

Thanks for the info! I think I will travel later this fall.

Hello Karen,

My nuro doc said it was fine to fly in big planes. He does not recommend small planes due to the added pressure. He also didn't want me to parasail....oops too late, I did that one right before they found my Annies.

My 10mm was coiled and they are watching my 2mm one. I won't be skydiving or scuba diving anytime soon. :)

Anyway away! Need a chaperone?? :)


Thanks for all the encouraging stories! I love this organization, so full of positive energy and words of encouragement. I just made plans to fly to Oregon to see my Dad. I'm excited and ready to see some Pacific coast and Northwest Mountains!

@Carrie, chaperones welcome! Eugene, Oregon bound! :)



Parasailing or any activity that could cause a fall shock would be a no no absolutely. I could envision a clip or any repair technique to be jarred out of place.

As far as flying in a small airplane, I could not see why you could not do that. As a licensed private pilot I can't forsee anything including air pressure in a small airplane that would cause a problem, except a crash landing, then all is moot :)

hey Ed,

Since your a private pilot I have a question for ya.

Is there a problem if you have a clip in your head and a plastic skull bone with a crap load of screws?

I live in Sweden and would like to go home to Michigan this coming summer but I do have concerns about if it's going to cause pain or not. I was told when I had no skull bone that although flying would not kill me that it might be a bit painful.



You most likely have titanium screws inserted. These screws are considered "non magnetic" however some test have suggested that over repeated exposure to magnetic fields, titanium can attain a memory effect and react as though it is magnetized thereby creating a electric field. Unfortunately the result is pain as interpreted by our nervous system. Luckily though the effect in titanium is lessened when compared to the previous method of securing bone flaps.

In essence, I don't think you should have much of a problem if you make the flight. To reassure, I spoke to a women who had the same concern and I said much the same thing. She flew from Toronto to Nova Scotia and back and only had a little tolerable pain. She indicated she would go again.

Thanks for the input Ed :-)

I do have titanium screws and the bone flap is the same material as what prosthetic arms & legs are made of. A little pain I believe I can handle but alot I am not so sure

I think it will be just a little. You might remember, the congresswomen from Arizona. She serves as a great example - she was able to fly two round trips that I read about apparently with little trouble.

Nope don't remember that but it is good to hear!!

I am not as worried now as I was before this conversation :-)



I had my annie rupture on february,16t h, 2009 , coiled, and I started travel again for work middle April, 2009 including fly.
Take care

Thanks for the info. Flying next week.

Hi All,

Thank you for all your stories about flying, it did comfort me. I just returned home and had not problems at all. Great trip seeing my family.

I had a coiling in June, June 1, actually and I just got back from Vegas, baby! Had a great time. I am still more tired than usual and it worked out because my sis was in a convention during the day, so I could rest while she was in her meetings. I didn’t have any problems, and didn’t have a single headache. My feet? now that’s a whole other story…but that’s typical for Vegas hahaha!