Financial Aid

I am need of information on financial aid to pay my Drs bills. Any info the BAF can share? I live in Indiana. R D S

the hospital should have a financial aid program. Speak with the social worker there. I know I had to fill out forms because I had no health insurance when mine ruptured.


Try also your local public assistance office to see if you qualify.

Thank you D

Thank you D

Thank you D

Amy gives you good advice. A social worker at the hospital where you were hospitalized should be able to direct you to the appropriate people. I would also suggest you contact SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program). They have counselors who can walk you through all options available and help you select the best one for you personally. The phone number for Indiana SHIP is: 1-800-■■■■■■■■.

Roberta, it was so kind, so special, of Kathleen Redelman to resond to you in this column...

To help others now, and, in the future, please, please, let us know your results of this information. The trauma of the billing issues, across the country, has got to be an impact on the recovery processes of numerous diseases/injuries.

Prayers for your successful results with this portion of recovery.