Felling dizzy

Hi everybody! I am 8 month post clipping unruptured aneyresm. It was slow recovery meanwhile I have developed side effects as smell from my nose.Lat week I started feeling very dizzy and very sharp pain in my incision. Is anybody had experience the same symptoms. Thank you very much for all your support.

I have bad news my aneyresm has not been occluded .Apart from this thete is expansion of the sabsrachnoid spase pn CT scan . Is anybody experience this.Thank you very much.

Dear Maya72

I am so sorry to know that you have complications. I don’t have any experience yet. Just want to cheer you up. Hope your doctors have helped you clarifying the reasons of pains.

Thank you very much for your support. Hopefully you find right treatment for your aneyresm.God bless you.

Hi Maya72,

I just found this website. If you have the time, please check it out,

Everything there is about Aneurysm. There are live threads and answers (like in this forum). Go and ask your questions there, maybe? Hopefully there will be others who could answer them in a timely matter? Good luck!!

Thank you very much.It is so kind of uou


When you have your next appointment with your Neuro-Surgeon and Neurologist, it is important to explain what is meant by “dizzy”. My Neuro-Surgeon explained that there are many forms of dizziness: 1) vertigo - sensation of spinning, 2) imbalance - feeling of clumsiness and incoordination, 3) lightheadedness - wooziness or floating, 4) faintness - like getting up too quickly from a seat or lying position. In my case, I had both vertigo and imbalance. For your issue of sense of smell, ask the Neuro-Surgeon whether the artery which was clipped is involved with sense of smell. And lastly, based on your comment that it appears that the aneurysm is not completed occluded. I could not tell from your description but the expansion of the subarachnoid space per CT scan? What did your physician say is the next steps?

Hi 2 fight! Thank you for your drsriptive message. They explained me that this is normsll after operation and required to do MRI to confirm if any part left of aneyresm. I will wait and see as newrosergen is believe that my head is completely fine and my dizziness just becouse I am worried a lot.

Have you looked at the list of side effects of medicines you are taking? I discovered my asthma medicine was making me dizzy.

Hi Trekhard! Thank you for the message. At the moment I am not on any medication as j am waiting for MRI and hopefully it will be clear as I experience a lot of stress due to my dizzines.Also I did my blood test which shows iron level is 11 and if is slightly low bug I don’t think it will couse severe dizziness. God bless you all for all your support.