Feeling scared and alone with questions

My HB went down this year with a ruptured aneurysm almost died on the way to the hospital , had the coiling surgery not completed though,survived a vasaspasm, spent thirteen days in ICU and recovered so miraculously that he went to teaching two months later. Here are my questions: 1. Do you notice symptoms before this rupture? My HB's location was frontal lobe and for years he has struggled with discernment judgement issues. Right before this rupture their was increase in anger and hostility issues. Given the location can these issues have manifested for weeks months and years prior to the rupture? Also the judgement issues are still present and even worse since this happened. He burnt out a care engine this week from not adding oil. Our only car. I do love from head to toe. But right now scared overwhelmed and feeling alone. He does not seem to see these issues. I have myself had significant health challenges and we are raising two sons. Family is far away. I also keep having nightmares of him collapsing from the incomplete wrap and the phone not working when I call 911. He was saved by my calling the last time. Well thank you for letting vent.


Try getting him some psychological therapy, keep lots of lists for him to remember things, take care of yourself, and don;t give up. It will get better

Thank you Cole for wise advise and encouraging words. We are so grateful for the recovery that we had so miraculous in many ways. One of the things I did realize is and was the lack of education and support for us in the situation. Therefore I am so grateful for all that share here and in the other groups. I do not think I fully realized the need for it until now. Thank you again. Perhaps we should think of starting a group in this area. Blessings.