Feeling hopeless

My name is Sure Kose from Istanbul. My 45years old mom had a ruptured aneursym in her right frontal part of her brain a month ago. (Infratentorial 5mm supratentorial 10mm)Despite the fact that she had a big rupture she survived as a result of early surgery( within 2 hours after rupture) she woke up after 4days of surgery with limited communication she was just using her eyes and answering very basic questions . After 10days of ICU we stayed 10more days in hospital and discharged from hospital after 3weeks. We are at home for the last 6 weeks. She had big problems in her left habd and aen before andshe doesn’t know what happened to her, she revognizes us but doesnt remember many events, she doesnt remeber the things happened an hour ago for example, she communicates she make comments, reads very slowly, eats well(but doesn’t know her limits) she is acting like 2 years olf child. we use netrolex for preventing risk of another battack and a medicine called norodol for her sleep. She doesnt know always where she is whats the time etc (sometimes she gives correct response) . She is 45 years old. We are having 3 times phisical threapy at home in a week. She started to move her left leg more easily … With our support she even can walk very slowly… The most challenging part is her cognitive situation as i mentioned above and her sleep problem. I got many advices from many doctors but i couldnt get any concrete advice about upcoming process. I am curious about if she can recover 100%. Is there any minimum time to wait to see improvements in her cognitive skills? Do we need to start further threapies after reinserting the brain pan or before?

Thank you very much for your help

I am so sorry that your mother had the rupture. My aneurysm was detected before rupture and it was successfully coiled and stented, so I did not experience the heartache of a rupture, but I know that you will hear from people who have. Recovery often times takes a very long time, but your mother is young so that will help. Just the recovery from my surgery took quite a long time for me and I do have some brain damage - memory and thought processes are sometimes difficult for me. I just had physical therapy for 7 months and OT/Speech therapy for 5 months - I wish I had both of these earlier, but it helps tremendously.

Good luck, Sure. Take care, Sherri