Feeding America Food Banks

Thought I’d share a link with all the members in the United States. Sorry I don’t have any information for other countries. Sometimes families and individuals get lost in all the overspending that occurs during the holidays. Some just don’t know where their next meal or two will come from. I hope if any of you need this resource, you use it.


Simply type in your zip code and it will take you to your local food bank

Here’s a suggestion from Amy who works for the agency - "Even though the food bank itself may be far away, it will work with a variety of food pantries, nonprofits, and other agencies that distribute food at a local level. Most programs will not ask for any proof of income, so even if people do not qualify for SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) or other benefits, they will still be able to access food. The local food banks will be able to provide information about how they can access food locally and at no cost.

And for those members living in the South here’s another resource -