Fatigue & bumpy head

Hi all:

It's been a little less than 6 months since I had one of the two BA's I've got clipped. Before that I struggled with fatigue and some depression but since the surgery the fatigue in particulary seems to have ramped up considerably. I went back to work fairly soon after my surgery b/c my benefits ran out and so I work full time as a therapist in a facility that provides drug/alcohol treatment to kids which is fairly stressful. I've noticed that since the surgery I sleep a minimum of 12 and a max of 16 hours on weekends and if I don't I'm really dragging at the end of the week. I'm okay during the week but crash at the end and am very tired all weekend. There are other factors that I know must be part of this. I take 180mg of methadone and have for almost 9 years, my diet is for shit and I'm depressed. Not to mention I haven't been able to quit smoking which makes me hate myself and fear for my recovery. I recently started taking Cymbalta and while it does seem to help, it's only minimally. I'm trying to figure out how big a factor the surgery is playing in my fatigue so anyone else's experiences would be greatly welcomed.

The second issue is that my scalp is very bumpy and my head seems to have divits in it. Is this normal? Plus on the side where they cut there is sometimes great pressure. I've found htat not sleeping on that side helps tremendously but I can still feel the pressure at certain times - bathroom, bending over etc. Any ideas on this would be great too. Thanks. --Jennifer

Hi Jennifer, I had two clipped January 5, 2010 on my right side. I to have divets and bumps. The divets are muscle tissue that have not grown back and the bumps are where they have taken screws to attach the part of the scalp that they had to remove. As for the tiredness it is very common. I still get tired, somtimes at work I need to lay my head down for a short just to relax. I worked outside this weekend and had to come in and take a nap because I became very very tired. So you are not alone. Good luck and just remember to take one day at a time and Thank God for each and every day he has given you!


Hi Jennifer,

We both had our clipping around the same time. I think that the tiredness is normal and will take some time. As for the pressure at certain times I was also told that is normal and has to do with the muscles that were cut and will take time to re-attach. Time is what I believe we need and a whole lot of patients.

All things that we notice today that we didn't have before we went through all this we are going to question if it's normal or not. That I believe is normal. :)

So be good to yourself and listen to your body and most important know your with friends here that can tell us both what is normal and what is not... :)

Normal humor?..lol