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Family history and newly diagnosed

Hi! My name is Lisa, and I am newly diagnosed with an aneurysm behind my right eye near my optic nerve. Neurosurgeon said it was less than 5mm, whatever that means, and not to worry. If I was 20 he’d tell me to worry, but I am 64. I am currently scheduled to see the radiologist on Halloween to schedule an angiogram. I hope that I don’t have to wait too long after that!
My sister collapsed suddenly and died from a brain aneurysm four years ago. My father had one in his abdomen so my family has a genetic link. I’m worried about my children and my other sister, pushing them to get an MRI as soon as possible. My brother had one recently and he’s ok.
Currently I have no symptoms, just occasional panic attacks. I try to remind myself that my late sister would’ve given anything to have this opportunity to spend more time with her family and maybe have something done for her. I am blessed.

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Hi Nellybritish ! How are you doing , how was the procedure ?

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Hey Ms. Lisa! This is the first time I’ve moved an entry, so I hope it’s right. Didn’t want you to get your story lost with. Nelly’s.

So welcome!

5mm is 3/16 of an inch which is considered small. I guesss I didn’t read that book but that was the size of my aneurysm, give or take. The doc said about the size of a pea…I’m guessing more the black eye pea size than the English pea size. But I’ve never measured a pea to be quite honest.

I’m sorry your sister is no longer physically with you and that you have a family history of aneurysms.

Don’t know about the age worries, but do know worrying about things doesn’t help. Hang in there!

I too have a family history of aneurysms. We were told 12 years ago after a family member had a rupture, that we should all get checked. We didn’t. I experienced a rupture last year in June, and while they were clipping that one they found another. They “repaired” the smaller one as well while I was in for surgery. Both aneurysms were very small, in fact they didn’t even see the second one on an angiogram. I know that the location is huge in determining the risk for rupture, as where mine was located was more risky than other locations. I too push my brothers to get checked, but all three of them refuse to. I am now on the other side of it, watching the smaller of the two. We thought it was repaired, but my one year angio showed that it had grown and become more defined. I can say that I have increased anxiety now, knowing its still there. I also know that I have full faith in my surgeon and I know that he would not let me walk around with something that could rupture soon. We are lucky to have the technology we have and the ability to monitor. I also believe that had I found it 12 years ago, I wouldn’t have had the outcome I had just last year. We are truly blessed to live in the world we do.


*Welcome!Hi Lisa,It’s so nice to meet you. It sounds like you have family go through this also so sorry. I am only one in my family to have aneurysms. I think it affects everyone different. I hope that after your angiogram that they will just monitor. I will be praying for good news. One step at a time. Good wishes!

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Hey Gk. It went well. They were able to fix 1 of my aneurysms (which took them 5+ hrs) However while doing my surgery and en route to the 2nd Aneurysm to start that 1, they realized that my PTT levels were prolonged so they gave me Heprin (assuming it was the Blood thinners they had prescribed me to take before surgery) but it wasn’t that so they stopped the surgery immediately because had they had continued and tried to place the Flow Diverter it would’ve streched my vessel too much and I would’ve bled to death.
For now I’m at home in Bermuda recovering. I will be going back up to Boston in 6mnths for follow up and to take a look at the 2nd aneurysm to see how she looks and make any decisions. Slight headaches every now and then but lately been having aches and pain in my right leg (thigh - ankle)I’m scared its something wrong. Going Dr next week.


Oh I hope nothing is wrong , but look for help if it worsen , take care of yourself ! I am glad you are at home !

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Thank you so much for checking in. GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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