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Eye problem after angiogram


I had an angiogram a few hours ago for an aneurysm that has been monitored for 13 years and has grown recently. After the angiogram I notice a small blind spot in one eye. Not enough to seriously interfere with vision, just there and noticeable, especially when I reading. Anyone ever had this happen?


Hi there @Kitty! I would report this to your doctor as soon as possible. Any change in vision is something to be concerned about, and I would not waste any time reaching out. I don’t want to set off alarm bells for you, but please do get this checked out quickly.



Thank you, Sharon. It seems a little better today, and Dr’s office will not be open until Monday. If it’s not gone by then I will surely contact the Dr.


I’m glad to hear that it’s a bit better. I would encourage you to follow up regardless of how it is Monday. It’s a bit worrisome.



Kitty, my peripheral vision loss seems to get worse in my right eye for awhile after an angiogram, and then it improves. Besides letting your doctor know, there should be someone on call so don’t wait until Monday. If your doctor doesn’t work out of a training hospital, the other surgeons and yours rotate on call. The other thing I do, simply because it feels good and it was suggested by an Englishman when I welded, was to put a tea bag over my eye. I drink a cup of Lipton’s, wait for the bag to cool some and lay back with the tea bag over the troublesome eye, flip the bag and put it on the other. But go ahead and notify the after hours person.