Exactly what to expect

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this site. I found out a little more then a month ago that I have a 6mm aneurysm that can't be coiled. I live in Sweden so I have to wait for an operation time. I had a list of questions that I wrote down and wanted to take with me to see the specialist, unfortunatly I forgot the list I was so nervous!

I live in Sweden but come from Detroit, MI. My daughter in MI is getting married and having a big wedding in June. My operation I have been told will take up too two months which here means anytime.

I have a positive attitude and believe that everything is going to go great and I will be rid of this thing soon.

It's my hair I am woundering about. I want it to look ok for the wedding and am getting mixed thoughts about what I should do. So I decided to come to the experts..Those who have had it done already. The doctor says that he is going to start from the part of my hair and come down to the back of my ear. If I could get some thoughts it might help me with this vain subject.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Kimberly,
I had coiling, and, over the years have met / conversed with so many that had either coiling or surgery.
When will you be seeing your specialist again or call his office and ask; i.e. if you could wear a wig…Talk to your hair dresser about options during grow-out; if you use / do not use color…all the little details. If a wig won’t work…ask about a silk scarf, certain hats, hair clips that could pull another hair section over an area… Think about men who wrap another section of hair over the balding area…
The most important thing is, that you have your best health…and, be ready for your trip for your daughter’s weddng with lots of ideas…the most important thing is that you will be there!

Thanks for the idea’s Becky. I got a hold of my doctor who said that they would be shaving off more then what I thought so I went yesterday afternoon and got a doo. It’s short now so I won’t be as shocked.
Treat yourself to a wonderful day at the hairdressers and thanks again!

Hi Pat,
I got a call today, surgery is in three weeks. I should have 7 months for my hair to come back at a pretty good length before the wedding. Short and cute is in style so I am told… :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tips!

That’s the spirit!! :slight_smile: My thoughts and prayers are with you while you wait for the next 3 weeks and for the upcoming months ahead.