Europe V's USA


I read your post and welcome the opportunity to comment on it and to join a European site!

First of all whilst I appreciate your comments, I find it somewhat disingenuous that you have such a negative input on European treatments and brain surgeons.

It may be of interest to you to note that one of the leading surgeons in pioneering endovascular treatments of brain aneurysms is French and indeed one of the leading hospitals in Europe and indeed the world is the Neurosciences section of the JR Hospital in Oxford in the UK.

Whilst I can appreciate your comments regarding your personal experiences in France, bear in mind that you are commenting on France alone and that you are expressing your personal opinions on France alone, based on your personal experience.

May I enquire as to whether you were even treated in France or whether as a 22 year resident of the USA you never availed yourself of the potential treatment options in France.

This subject is complicated enough without comments about who is better than the other and which country provides better service, the bottom line is that there are many dedicated specialists worldwide and with the really good ones, treatments and methods are changing month by month and that can only be a good thing for us, the poor buggers that have these evil things.

So to all, I suggest that when you make a comment or a make a post, do so in a positive manner, for there are lots of vulnerable and impressionable people out there, that take your comments at face value and what they are really looking for on this site is reassurance.

I wish you good health.

Kind Regards


Martin, the founder of this group attempted to edit the remarks you mention out of the group description yesterday before any members joined, for the reasons you list. We both thought they had been edited. The network is somewhat glitchy, and I am not sure why the edit did not “take.” We will try again.

Martin, I just took another shot at editing. Let me know if the description has changed for you.