Epidural Blood Patch

Hi All it's salvationannies daughter,

Even when the situation doesn't reflect it, I am reminded that God is always in control. Last night and this morning Momma was experiencing intense pain in her head, specifically when she sat up or moved. The doctors reacted by giving her a CT scan this morning, as this was not an expected symptom of an aneurysm clipping. The results came back that there was slight swelling in her brain. This was a result of a leak of the cerebral fluid from her spinal cord. In order to prevent any further swelling in the brain, and solve the leak in her spine they needed to perform a procedure. This procedure was an epidural blood patch, which removes some of her own blood and uses it to patch the leak in the spinal cord. Praise be to God, as this procedure went great and the leak is patched. Her headache was instantly relieved. She had a grilled cheese right after for dinner and is now able to rest, pain free! Before this procedure she was transferred back to the ICU, but due to the positive outcome she will likely return to a patient room tomorrow. God truly intervened and worked through the hands of the doctors today.

When Momma discovered this was occurring, I asked her if she had any questions about what exactly was going on. She replied, "No, I read about this on the forum before."
You all continue to bless her even while she's in the hospital!! Thank you, lovelies! <3

~ Ah...happy tears ~ I am so glad the Doctor's reacted and found her problem right away...Sending continued healing thoughts out to Momma...~ Colleen