Emotional Flooding

I just learned of something called "Emotional Flooding" usually in TBI or PTSD survivors. while searching for more information I found this article.

I was wondering if any members here have dealt with this issue. The more I read of it I think it could apply to aneurysm survivors. From 2008 to 2012 I had three coilings and an ECIC bypass of a giant aneurysm and still deal with some of these issues.


I do deal with a good amount of those issues. I had a bleed almost 1 year ago that I am recovering from. It's difficult for me day to day. I've noticed that in the morning I do better but as the day goes on it gets a little more difficult to focus on anything as well as I start to get pain in my head.

I did see a neuropsychologist and am still seeing a psychologist as well as a therapist on a regular basis.

I think the hardest part for me is the looks I get from my wife and co-workers. Looking at me physically you couldn't tell that anything happened, but when people talk to me my response time is slow, and sometimes a hear what is said to me but didn't actually listen. It's so frustrating.

Before my aneurysm I would never cry now I find myself doing a good deal.

Kevin, many of our symptoms are similiar to TBI’s but our brains are not effected the same way as in a TBI.

When I was in college, emotional flooding was a type of psychotherapy.

Take a look at ronk’s flooding video from Canada. If I can find the link I’ll re-post it here.

Here it is http://www.bafsupport.org/forum/topics/great-info?commentId=4863831%3AComment%3A386736

Kevin, that was a good article and sounds very familiar. Moltroub thanks for sharing Ron's link; I had missed that one and it's a great 'flooding' source. I'm about 2yrs 4 mo from my craniotomy and clipping for a nonrupture and doing much better. But every once in a while if I do too much I start slurring, can't form complete sentences or react in anger over goofy stuff. If I get overwhelmed I find that I have to sit in a dark room and basically reboot my brain. Thanks for the reminders to take it easy!

wow that was so informative and helpful. Now I don't feel that bad for what's going on with me.

I am an inspector at oil refineries and chemical plants. I have meetings all the time and was started to think something was wrong. In the meetings I get overwhelmed and basically go blank. The end of the days are very hard for me. But its been only 1 year since my rupture.

Mike, meetings can be overwhelming. See if you can dim the lights a bit and remind people to speak one at a time. I don’t know if that’s possible so you might want to try a hat. I have an ever growing collection of ball caps and like a Tilley’s as well. I also found changing the lenses of my sunglasses from the gray to a bronze helps for the photophobia. You might want to try to control the noise level if possible. Perhaps meeting times when there’s not much machinery going. Oh and when you start feeling your brain go blank, start some deep slow breathing. It helps get oxygen back in your body, and allows your brain a short time out while you focus on your breathing. No one will ever know your doing it if you practice all the time.