Emotional and feel alone

I'm 29 years old with a 20 month old baby girl and had aneurysm in August 2010.

I was playing netball at the time when I got a dreadful headache. I started to be sick and an ambulance was called.

When I arrived at the hospital they were going to send me home with concussion when a friend said that I needed a Cat Scan done she hasn’t been hit anywhere. I was diagnosed with a hemorrhage that was from a rupture from an underling aneurysm on the right side of my brain.

So 24 hours after they started the operated, the first operation was for 12 hours and they clipped the aneurysm. After recovery I had another scan, and then they realize it was still bleeding so I went back for another operation 4 hours and they removed apart of my brain where the aneurysm was.

Within a couple of days I was getting Small Clots so I was move down to ICU department for 21 days. My blood pressure was put up past 180 to get rid of the clots.

From then on everything started to look pretty good for me. I started eating with out the tube, started walking (very slowly) and started talking. I didn’t really know what was what but I was getting there.

It's been 3 months since i'm out of hospital, i get very emotional, i'm a bitch to my partner that has been there everyday for me, i'm tried all the time and my partner can't understand that i need a full night sleep and can't get up to our daugther because otherwise i'm shit the next day. i can't sleep and i just feel no one know's what i'm going though. Is this normal or should i go and see someone.


A lot of what you're going thru, we all have gone thru to varying levels... What was done for you in Rehab before your were discharged? You note that you started walking and talking so assume you had P/T and Speech therapy...Was any home health care addressed to help you readjust? If not, can you talk with your neuros about a referral? Please remember that your partner went thru a tremendous stress while you were going thru so much; can only assume he also had to work and take care of your daughter; he has been thru a lot...

You had a great friend who could be so aware, so specific, with emergency...which needs to happen so much more than it does...

Will you tell us more about your daughter?

You are in my prayers,


Hi Sweetie...I sorta wrote a post similar to yours...I think some of it is the effects of the brain injury and in time some will get better, but some are the new normal...we all seem to have similar effects just different degrees...if you are very concerned...or feel out of control...see your Doctor .. perhaps they will have suggestions ...

Your body after all it has been through has alot of healing to do...and I am sure your brain is tired...be well...and know that someone is sending "cyber~healing thoughts your way"...


Hi Tania, I think Pat and Colleen wrote some very good responses. I really don't have much more to add to that. Except that brain surgeries/traumas require a much longer healing time than say, a broken bone or having a gall bladder out. You went through a very traumatic experience and it is going to take time.

Getting proper sleep is a necessity and normal. I personally, would see a doc for it though. If nothing else, to give you something so you can get a good nights sleep. I think we all get grouchy when we are run down. And we always seem to take it out on the ones who are closer to us. It doesn't make it right but, we are only human. My prayers are with you. :)

Normal! You are not alone! What we’ve been through is incredibly hard on the body. Healing takes time, much more than 3 months. With a 2-year-old, who simply doesn’t understand, I’m certain the demands on you are hard, maybe extreme is the correct word. Partners, hubby, close friends–they all go through trauma, not as much, but trauma. They must learn to adapt to the new you. I found myself expecting too much, too soon, and that taught others to do that as well. Can you say stress! Because what you’re going through is the new normal, find ways to cope–melatonin for sleep, B vitamins, a part-time sitter so you can rest. We hired a housekeeper so I could off-load some tasks that were tiring. Maybe a neighbor/friend could watch your child for an hour or two while you rest. What about Mommie’s Day Out. Your ‘out’ could be going home for an uninterrupted nap. Journal. And, yes, I think a therapist would be helpful because, according to the article on this very site, these manifestations sound like depression. I keep harping on rest/sleep. That’s because my experience has been I deal better with everything when I’m rested, especially after the aneurysms. The brain needs fuel and down time and my bet is you’re not getting that. This site has some good articles on life afterwards. When you’re tired, it’s hard to think of new ways to cope. Hope these ideas either are good just as they are or spark an idea for you.