Embarrassing question

So I have an embarrassing question that I wouldn't ask anyone other than you guys (a bunch of people I have never met) This has nothing to do with anuerysms but what the hell here I go . So last night while sleeping I woke up with a stabbing pain in my rear end I have no idea what it was it came and went all night the pain was in my hip and went around to my butt . Even sitting here now my hip bone area is tender i just feel uncomfortable . The pain came out of nowhere . I guess I was just wondering if you guys have ever experienced I real pain in the butt other than your children ofcourse (lol) I googled it and siatica came up but I don't think it was that . Its amazing how I can ask you guys a question like this I prob. wouldn't even ask my best friend .


I had something similar and it was 'bursitis" in my right hip. I had to get a shot that brought tears to my eyes and I went to a few physical therapy sessions that helped. Somehow my hip bones weren't level and that is what had caused the pain. I;m fine now.



No question is ever embarassing if you are looking for an answer!! Unfortunately, since none of us are doctors, we can only share our own experiences wtih things.

I would suggest that you call your PCP, as I am sure it could be a number of things besides siatica. I suffer with siatica, among other lumbar related problems, and it is very painful and can cause hip pain. Of course that area of the body can bring pain from many places (including your butt!! --LOL).

Please keep us posted and I do hope your problem subsides!


Hi Amanda...I am with Linda and I would call my Doctor and get an appt...it can be one of many things...

Please keep us posted...and God....I think that is what is great about all of us...you can ask anything, even those that are "pains in the butt"...hahaha...!

We really need a HUGE Like button for things like this!!!! LMAO!!!!!

Update to my pain in the ass ...... Its gone . :) lol

Amanda...my memory is limited; i.e. if you had had clips, coils, were ruptured or...and, if you had a lumbar puncture (spinal tap)...that is given in the lumbar spine area which does connect to the sciatic...

In addition to the lumbar puncture...I had a "collision" in Internal Rehab (hospital) X-rays were taken of my lumbar spine; family never told, nor was it put into the formal records... it is in the clinical data and the billing. I had had constant left lower extremity (L LE) pain, discomfort, pulsation in the buttocks mucle since quality hospital hellth care. If you have pulsation, check out piriformis... and, by all means ask your mds if you expect to get an answer.

I use acupuncture and activator (light touch) chiropractic care...to keep pain/discomfort down; a/w/a yoga, stretching, etc. I tried tai chi, but did not have enough balance for that; have not yet gone back to try it again...since I have some brain cells under control, I have been attempting to clean squalor... w/that and learning a new computer, I am mentally exhausted to attempt another subject.


Wow...so glad you have had success...keep us posted...my email below crossed over with yours here...

Love your comment....

My annie ruptured about 7 months ago in may . I had a SAH . they put 9 coils in at that time .I went back sept.23 for more coils but they wouldn't stay in so he put in a stent . I have to back again He wants to try again if not succesful then clipping we go . I would rather clipp it and not even bother trying to coil it . Whatever the pain was its gone now . My husband laughed when I told him that I had asked you guys about it . LOl . Thanks for the response.

Well i can tell ya and i know we need humor but i'll leavr that out, its called neural foraminal narrowing how do i know?? I JUST BEEN DIAGNOSED I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM.