Elvis stent?

So I had a Ct today due to dizziness ,fatigue and headaches. No fluid was found (i wasn't surprised) He said that I will have my 3rd surgery in about 3 months. The first was the initial rupture may 5 2011 (9coils) the 2nd sept 23 2011. 1 stent , he tried to put more coils in there but they wouldn't stay put . my 3 hour surgery turned into 5 .he wants to wait a couple months because He wants the ELVIS STENT available to me .I guess its a new stent and will be coming to this area in a month or two. I also found out that my annie size was a 9 mm not sure where that is on a scale but he said I had a long sausage shaped annie . He took me off my plavix he said my symptoms may be because of it. If this next surgery goes the same as the last then my options are clipp it or leave it . Leaving it isn't an option as far as i'm concerned. I went in there today all prepared to tell him lets just skip the next attempted coiling and just clipp this thing . He told me that He would have to go in at the corner of my right eye .and that it could be tricky .and that I would most definetly be left with a droopy eyes due to the mucsle damage and cutting and removing that bone . He said because I am only 30 he didn't want to do that to me .that and its just obviously such an invasive surgery. AAHHHHHHHH i hate this !!! Do I want my skull removed and to have full blown brain surgery ,ofcourse not But I just want to be done with all of this .and clipping just seems to achieve that . What I didn't ask him that I am now wondering .If hes waiting for the ELVIS STENT will he be removing the other or will I end up with more coils and 2 stents . and a partridge and a pear tree.