Electrophysiologist tests

Hi all,

Just wondering if these odd turns that I experience from time to time since my coiling, were seizures, would I be diagnosed when I go for Electrophysiology testing? I have been referred to check for damage to the muscles/nerves in my brain possibly due to my coiling procedure as I get severe visual disturbances. All I know is that the tests will take 3 hours and I will have threads placed over my eyes and electrodes placed at the back of my head.

Thanks Eve x

I wonder this too...I am sorry you are going through all this Eve, but I think in the end it will get you some answers...Gotcha in my heart ~ Colleen


For deeper nerves a test called SSEP is utilized and it basically is a nerve conduction test (testing the speed and interruption of a electrical signal between two points) and is similar to an EMG. You didn't mention the location of the coiling within the brain segments. Unless the threading punctured a blood vessel it seems unusual for damage to occur. What seems more likely is that the coiled area is pressing against either some point along the optic nerve or at the neuron locations that process sight. Hope these thoughts help you. God Bless!