:eft Internal Cardiod Artery Sacrificed

I had my left internal cardioid artery sacrificed about a year ago following my coiled annie that started to fill back up with blood. I have suffered from constant headaches and partial blindness since the annie was detected two and half years ago. However, my miracle drug, indicine, masks the pain.

My question is.. I have been kinda dizzy and light headed recently. Wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the same thing.



hi Clarrisa! yes my findings are the same. I'm 3 years post sah coiling. I'm curious where was pain that indicine masked? I have joint pain on left side and pain on bottom of foot which they gave me nuerotin for but was ineffective. Bless you & yours!

Hi charessa, I had sah in 2011 with coiling. also have many headaches but they are easily treated and not too bothersome. However, I have vertigo-dizziness and nausea from time to time. Meclizine has helped much but don't know what causes this to happen. Had scans to role out bleed so I see a neurologist tomorrow am. If I find out what causes the symtoms, I'll let you know. donna w

Thanks Donna! Looking forward to it!